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After 400 Years Of Servitude Are African Americans Original Identity Lost: New Yorkers Say?

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The genetic heritage from generation to generation provides a cellular inheritance by DNA upgrades.

NEW YORK - s4story -- "When I discover who I am, I'll be free." - Ralph Ellison By: Mooka Da'knowledge Public Relations For So Seductive Kiss Fans

"All of us take pride and pleasure in the fact that we are unique, but I'm afraid that when all is said and done the police are right: it all comes down to fingerprints." - David Sedaris

The Webster dictionary states that identity is the set of characteristics that somebody recognizes as belonging uniquely to himself or herself, and constituting his or her individual personality for life. It can also mean information that is used to show what a person is. There are three classifications that characterize some peoples' identities: race, gender, and religion. Race is what makes a person who they are down to the very bones of the body. Many people don't know their nationality, and hate their race. According to AAPI data research, the highest hate crimes are against African Americans at a rate of 17%, and the lowest rate of 6% are among Caucasians. An African American male John Doe on public transportation in Cincinnati, Ohio sat in frustration, and replied, " When I die, and if I return to this Earth; I would rather be a Caucasian male." The United States Census Bureau reports as of 2022, African Americans have a poverty rate of 19.5%; that is the highest in the nation. A lady by the name of Christina from Knoxville, TN claimed that she was an African American, but her nationality is Detroit. But according to the dictation by Oxford Languages, a nationality is a classification belonging to a nation, and not a state. The IRS policy, and protocols are to charge a tax for all immigrants; in order for them to live, and work within its territories. Are you a tax paying citizen? A band leader of Dashade Music has taken back  his original nationality, and has expressed his thoughts by a new release called Igbo Heart.

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"Everyone should be proud of who they are, and where they come from, because America is a big melting pot of diverse ethnicities. It's great to be part of this wonderful country." - Rima Fakih


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