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Author James Aiello Headlines with Latest Book "Christina Powers American Goddess"

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James Aiello Productions Debuts Latest Novel "Christina Powers American Goddess"

s4story -- James Aiello, owner of James Aiello Productions, is interviewed by the Kreative Circle Project (KC). He talks about his latest release, Christina Powers American Goddess, following the success of The Forbidden Child series which received literary recognition from Hollywood, California.

Here's an excerpt from the conversation:

KC: James, Welcome to Kreative Circle. As the founder of James Aiello Productions, what have you learned about entrepreneurship while also nurturing your successful writing career? Among your few professions which include you working as a registered nurse, how have these various roles groomed you to become the writer you are today?

JA: I have learned that starting your own publishing company is a difficult thing to do, but it can be done.  First you need to create a business plan, then Incorporate the business.  Next it is creating a dynamic web page and then begin an advertising program to promote your new business and website.  Google advertising is a great way to start.  Once you finally have things running smoothly it is extremely exciting.  Creating my own publishing company has also help me to publish my own novels and taken the stress off that comes with trying to find an agent to represent you or finding one of the larger publishing company to take an unknown author on.  Selling novels in today's market is exceedingly difficult and that is why a good advertising campaign is the key to a successful writing career.  I also have worked as a registered nurse for most of my career and learning to document on medical charts has helped me immensely with my writing skills.

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KC: Your successful writing career emanates from personal trials which include your beloved Michael's passing as well yourself overcoming thyroid cancer. Please share the inspiring story with audiences that initially empowered you to embrace your passion for writing. Also how have these experiences influenced your perspective on living a wholesome life?

JA: I always dreamed of becoming a published author, but a busy life with a full-time nursing career, raising a child with my partner Michael, caring for family members and being active in the local food bank, never allowed me that opportunity.  All that changed in one year with the deaths of three of my beloved family members including my partner of 24 years Michael.  It was the pain of that loss which I had to escape in order to survive and I hid in my writing.  My writing was also the catalyst which brought me to a higher awareness of my own spirituality, and I believe allowed me to channel the energy needed to write my first novel "Forbidden Child".

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(Visit www.kreativecircle.com to read the complete interview).

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