Baxter Bunny's Special Pie By Maureen Julie McGrath

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VERO BEACH, Fla. - s4story -- Baxter Bunny's Special Pie is a charming tale of honesty and of learning lessons from your mistakes.

The book begins:

Mama Bunny had been baking all day. The fair was tomorrow, and her pies were always winners. This year she was entering her famous strawberry pie. All the bunnies in the land agreed. Mama's pie would win again.

But there was someone who didn't want Mama to win. Down the road lived Baxter Bunny.

He was always trying to beat Mama in the baking contest but never could. His pies could never come close to Mama Bunny's pie. This is going to be the year I am going to find a way to beat Mama in the contest, no matter what I have to do, thought Baxter.

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Since Baxter's pies can't compete with Mama Bunny's pies, how can he possibly win? He decides to steal hers and submit it at the fair as his own.

Baxter is in for a surprise! He learns the hard way not to take what's isn't yours.

About the Author: This is the fourth book by Maureen Julie McGrath and her third book for children. She grew up in Granada Hills, California, and now resides in Ventura, California. She says, "I'm passionate about anti-bullying and writing books with wonderful moral messages, which children need now more than ever."

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