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Dark Situation into Innocent Romance

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New book In Darkness: The Alien explores a race lacking emotions

PIKEVILLE, N.C. - s4story -- Abandoning the tropes of the standard human meets alien love story, author L. Diane Wolfe creates a protagonist that is forced into a relationship with an emotionless being. Sold into servanthood, Liz must convince her alien captor that her emotions are vital before they are erased forever. Readers will feel the weight of Liz's plight as they experience a moving, emotional science fiction adventure with paranormal touches.

Author L. Diane Wolfe has tied together several stories featuring characters lost in darkness, looking for light, love, and redemption. Available as an eBook, The Alien completes the In Darkness series on February 6, 2024. Preceded by The Vampire, The Shark, and The Werewolf, all stories feature a paranormal romantic twist.

Souls shrouded in darkness…

Abducted from her research station, Liz's life is flung into chaos. Sold into servanthood for her knowledge of planetary mining to a race called the Stren, she discovers her problems go far deeper. She is to marry her alien master, Krist, after enduring a procedure designed to eradicate her emotions.

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Desperate, Liz persuades the Stren to grant her the duration of a short voyage to change his perception of emotions. But how can she convince someone lacking feelings of their value? Is there a means of accessing the emotional side of Krist?

"Wolfe's 'The Alien' is a fast-paced story full of great world building, well-developed characters, and a strong female lead with a side of sarcasm. The opening line made me laugh, and the story made me think. Don't miss this one!"  - Melissa Maygrove, Romance Author

"5 stars! As always, the author's use of paranormal and humanity are sensational and I found that so far, this is my favorite story of the series. The story is a wondrous trail of words, that brings the worlds that the author creates to life." – Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

"A great round-out for the IN DARKNESS series." – Sandra Cox, author

A professional speaker and author, L. Diane Wolfe conducts seminars, offers book formatting, and author consultation. She's the senior editor at Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. and contributes to the Insecure Writer's Support Group. www.spunkonastick.net

In Darkness: The Alien is available February 6, 2024, for all eBook platforms. Published by Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. Romance-Science Fiction / Science Fiction-Alien Contact  / Romance-Paranormal. eBook $3.99 ISBN 9781939844972 http://DancingLemurPress.com

Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.

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