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Small Publishers with Children's Books Perfect for Lockdowns, Home Schooling, and when Trapped for a Few Days by an Avalanche

ALBANY, N.Y. - s4story -- After accepting an award for his children's manners book series, children's book author Tim O'Shenko told his Zoom audience that during these trying times, reading with children is even that much more important. "Pandemics and other uncertainties, especially volatile elections, can take a toll on children that we may not even notice. It's bad enough for us adults, but kids tend to internalize a lot more than we understand. It's crucial for us to make extra time to read with them often."

Asked about social media and whether electronics can help entertain children and distract them, O'Shenko paused and then said, "No offense but electronics are a poor substitute for human interaction. Some say if you plug your child into a cell phone with a TV show it's a sign of lazy parenting. I think it's actually more of a surrogate thing. I mean, do you really want Hollywood, that produced the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, and Kevin Spacey, teaching your child anything? Instead, invest that quality time into deepening your relationship and use physical books as your platform."

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O'Shenko said he started creating and producing positive and fun children's stories "without all that unnecessary other stuff" several years ago. His personal favorite is The Totally True Story of Jack and His Birthday  the delightful and amusing story of the lovable Jack Russell Terrier named "Jack" and his happy birthday party. O'Shenko explained, "From inclusive worldwide greetings via mail and computer to oddball friends and eccentric relatives, Jack gears up for the happiest birthday ever. It's just fun."

The featured children's manners books are
•Does Cheese Say Please?
•Does a Stork Use a Fork?
•Does a Goat Wear a Coat?
•Does a Mule go to School?

Asked for a favorite from the series, O'Shenko answered, "It would be 'Does Cheese Say Please?'... It's a wonderful and delightful short book that introduces and reinforces many words and phrases that make up good manners as well as confident and positive social interactions. All in an interactive and fun way... 'Does cheese say please? No. But you do. Please..."

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As the event drew to a close, O'Shenko explained that "especially during uncertain times, children can benefit from the grounding and comforting effects of favorite books. Reading can be a great way to help escape, even for a little while, from the uncertainties surrounding the current worldwide COVID-19 virus pandemic and political craziness."

To learn more about these perennial favorites and other terrific children's books visit the author's website at

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