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New Book, Wings Not Strings, Empowers Parents To Let Go With Confidence

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Wings Not Strings Cover Image
Authors Provide Encouragement, Wisdom, and Strategies for Parents of Teens

GIG HARBOR, Wash. - s4story -- "Their tools to guiding the launching of our teens and letting them go have taken me from questioning our abilities to being confident I can release them to soar."
~Trisha Novotny, Founder, 24/7Moms
Signs are everywhere that young adults are struggling after they leave home. Meanwhile, parents are overwhelmed by the practical and emotional demands of preparing their teens for independence. In response, co-authors Dennis Trittin and Arlyn Lawrence created Wings Not Strings: Parenting Strategies to Let Go with Confidence (LifeSmart Publishing), positioning the entire family to flourish.
"We wrote this book to answer the most common parenting question we receive: 'When and how do I let go?'" state Trittin and Lawrence. "Whether motivated by fear, guilt, identity, or pressure, many are pursuing strategies that impede their objectives of launching self-confident, well-prepared, and mature young adults. Figuratively speaking, they are releasing a maneuvered kite versus a soaring eagle. The consequences can be devastating."

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Wings Not Strings surveys today's young adult landscape, revealing how contemporary parenting styles and other factors are contributing to the adult-readiness deficit among adolescents. Then, it offers empowering parenting solutions to build the leadership and life skills kids need to succeed.
The book is filled with encouragement, strategies, and occasional tough love to help parents let go and move over to the passenger seat in their teen's life. It addresses the emotions, fears, and pressures parents are facing, equips them to let go naturally and confidently, and positions their adult relationships to thrive. Also, it offers prevention and coping strategies to help children deal with anxiety--a battle gripping this generation.
Trittin and Lawrence provide tools to develop parenting self-awareness, closing each chapter with thought-provoking questions. "By understanding the motivations behind, and consequences of, their parenting methods, readers are guided toward an empowering (wings) versus controlling (strings) parenting style."

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The authors blend the perspectives of a father and a mother from two different families, having launched seven children. in addition to their personal experience and work at LifeSmart Publishing, Trittin offers leadership wisdom from 28 years as an executive at a global investment firm, while Lawrence brings valuable insight from a career in family development.
For media inquiries, please contact dtrittin@dennistrittin.com
Website: http://www.dennistrittin.com
Book and author information: http://www.lifesmartpublishing.com/wings-not-strings/
Book cover image: http;//www.dennistrittin.com/resources/WNS%20jpeg%20for%20Dennis.jpg

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