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New Books from Elizabeth Lynn Blackson Coming

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POPLAR GROVE, Ill. - s4story -- "Invasive Species: Suffering Sequence: Book Three" will be published on February 29th. A book collecting all three entries in the trilogy will be released simultaneously. The books are by Elizabeth Lynn Blackson, who designed the covers to both books.

Elizabeth Lynn Blackson grew up in Eastern Ohio, living on a steady diet of comic books, horror movies, and Stephen King novels, while playing D&D and listening to heavy metal. While certain she was going to be a comic artist, life pulled her in a different direction, and she ended up in the St. Louis metro area, where she lives with her hubby and two cats.

The author provides this description of the full trilogy. "Lucy carries a bucket of hate from her childhood trauma. When the mysterious woman 'Vespid' saves her from an assault, Lucy discovers the existence of shape-shifting daemons. FBI Special Agent Javier Torres follows a string of mysterious murders to Lucy's benefactor, and the two are propelled into a world of horror as they find out the insidious influence the daemons have had, worming their way into humanity's systems of power. They gather a Critical Incident Response Group to counter the daemonic infiltration, creating a home and a found family. The eyes of the world watch as they face the consequences of their actions, because no good deed goes unpunished in the Suffering Sequence."

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Blackson says of Invasive Species specifically, " "Man-eating, shape shifting daemons have infiltrated humanity's systems of power. Their blood poisons the world. Against that threat,an unlikely group of heroes have gathered, but the more they confront the daemonic threat, the more it infects them. And the more they succeed, the more attention they attract from the daemons and the humans that serve them.

"Madison 'Lucy' Carpenter battles the monster of fame. LaTanya Jefferson, Marine-turned-medic, has her faith tested. Greg Tillman is trapped with the would-be scions of the daemonic overlords, forced to serve them or be destroyed. The occasionally deceased Hannah Olson is called back to life by animistic forces. The homesick Succubus Tigrosa turns to confront her old masters. New recruit Vinny Bowers is tasked with eradicating the daemonic Invasive Species."

A Girl's Gotta Eat: Suffering Sequence: Book One was published on July 2nd, 2022. It currently has a 4.69 rating on GoodReads.  Old Black Water: Suffering Sequence: Book Two was published on March 2nd, 2023. and its current rating at GoodReads is 5.0.

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The first two books in the Suffering Sequence are available in paperback and hardcover at Lulu.com/spotlight/strangesound. A Girl's Gotta Eat is also available in digital format via Amazon/Kindle. Invasive Species and the unified trilogy book will be available at Lulu.com on February 29th in paperback and hardcover formats.

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