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Queen of Harlem Uses Past Adversity and Current Celebrity to Teach Life Lessons

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Michelle Smalls AKA "The Queen of Harlem" has a new book out that commands attention about handling one's past struggles and adversity in order to succeed in the now.

s4story -- Michelle Smalls is a prominent key figure in Harlem. Now, with the debut of her autobiography, "The Queen of Harlem Commandments", Ms. Smalls is helping others live their best life and demand respect from others and themselves. Through her climb to the top, this serial entrepreneur and investor has gone from living on the streets to setting up opportunities for her community.

"I remember being on the set of a reality television show and having an ex disrespect me. He was trying to drag my thought process to where I was years ago, sleeping on a mattress with nothing to my name. This book is not only about how to overcome your past using my set of commandments, but how to respect yourself when your past pays a visit to your present self. How you respect yourself and the growth you reflect as a person teaches others how to treat you. That's what this book is really about," said Ms. Smalls.

"The Queen of Harlem Commandments" is over 40,000 words and is available on Amazon. The book is an inspiring read and helps people develop boundaries and rules for their success and their own self-respect. The book is available in both Kindle format and paperwork.

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"Anyone will benefit from this book regardless of what stage in life they are in. There is no such thing as hopelessness after reading Michelle Smalls's autobiography. We all can have it all if we continue to carry on. We have to respect ourselves enough to set up rules for our lives and to cut out those who don't benefit us. This isn't selfish, this is a form of self-love. Once you set these rules and practice self-love, you can start to move yourself forward and achieve your dreams," said Lytoya Parker, Media Manager for Michelle Smalls.

From once running the streets and living an impoverished life, Ms. Smalls has a bouquet of property investments, lives in a house that reflects truly who she is and her hard work, and is known in Harlem for setting up events, such as the toy drives, coat drives, and other celebratory events for the community - including having her own female basketball team!

Members of the media are invited to speak with Michelle Smalls, and obtain a galley copy of the book, upon qualified request.  More information on the author and the book can be obtained here: https://www.queenofharlem.nyc/


Lytoya Parker, michelle.queenofharlem@gmail.com

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