Some Essential Features That Makes a Vacuum Oven Worthy

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An vacuum oven in one of the conventional apparatus you will get to see inside a laboratory and many other industries. It also has a lot of usage in the food and beverage industry. But what is a vacuum oven? And what are the essential features of a vacuum oven?  Read this article to know more.

A vacuum oven is a special oven that operates at a low temperature. It does not have a higher temperature. Instead, it has an exhausting post. The low heat with the exhaust fan takes the moisture from anything. Additionally, the oven creates a low-pressure atmosphere inside the chamber. Due to this, the liquid inside any element transforms into gas.

In general, a vacuum oven has chambers of different sizes. It can be small as 20 liters and large as 150 liters. The smaller ovens are used in laboratories. On the other hand, the larger ovens are prominent in industrial plants.

Vacuum ovens have a wide temperature range. Some operate in a range of ±5℃ to ±15℃ of the room temperature. Many other advanced models can operate in the range of ±250℃ or ±400℃ above the room temperature.

The interior of this vacuum oven is made of lab-grade stainless steel 1.4301. It is resistant to acids and stronger molecules. It can have one or more horizontal racks to keep things inside it. Additionally, the oven also has a transpired high-quality glass door. It allows the users and workers to check what is happening inside the vacuum oven.

What are the uses of vacuum ovens?

Vacuum ovens can effectively dry things that are volatile to temperature-related damage.
A vacuum oven can easily remove moisture from the inside of any material. Additionally, it can prevent oxidization and explosions that may occur during drying things.

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Vacuum ovens are essential in the case where workers of a lab need to recover the solvent.
Vacuum ovens offer homogeneous specific drying. That means the temperature inside the oven remains the same throughout the chamber. So, the drying remains uniform in all sections of the oven. Additionally, the lighter materials do not swirl up during vacuum drying.
Vacuum ovens can easily dry up things that have a low level of moisture inside them.

What makes a vacuum oven a good one? The truth is its features. So, you need to check the features of the vacuum oven before buying it. Here are the Now you need to choose a vacuum oven-

1. The design is important

Vacuum ovens usually come in two designs- rectangular or square. Some vacuum ovens also have round chambers. The design differs for different work areas. So, a god vacuum oven needs to have a suitable design for a proper industry. For example, in the case of the tea processing industry, square or rectangular ovens are better.

2. Check the capacity

Vacuum ovens can have different types of capacities. You need to choose the one which is important for your lab or factory. Some vacuums are smaller and have a capacity of 10 liters. It is great for laboratories. On the other hand, plants and industrial workshops need Vaccum ovens that are larger and more than 60 liters capacity.

3. Check the vacuum power with the temperature range

The vacuum power of a vacuum oven is the key factor in this case: the more powerful oven, the better vacuum for things. The ideal result for vacuuming is obtained with a machine of a minimum of 28 psi. It is the minimum power of many ovens. In general, the standard vacuum ovens come with a vacuum gauge of 30 psi.  The advanced machines can have higher psi power.

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The temperature range of a vacuum can be different. Hence, manufacturing companies design different models with different temperatures range. Try to choose a model that comes with a PID temperature controller and a display screen to check the machine's temperature.

4. Is it durable?

Any vacuum oven needs to be durable. It is because the vacuum machine needs to endure pressure and heat to dry things inside the chamber. Hence always check the construction of a vacuum oven before buying it. In general, a vacuum oven has a strong and durable stainless steel body. The powder-coated GI stainless sheet keeps tit secured from external harms. On the inside, there is glass wool insulation and then another layer of stainless steel layer.

5. How does the door look?

The door of any vacuum oven is also important. The door must be durable enough to protect the things inside the chamber a d also the workers who are handling the machine. A thick gauge steel door with toughened glass is an ideal door. Some vacuum ovens have side doors, while others have horizontal doors. You can choose any option you need. The silicone gasket keeps the door space sealed. So, it should be of good quality. offers vacuum oven in different sizes. Our pricing is reasonable, and they also have a large collection, you can contact us for more information.

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