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Sporting Smiles Celebrates Ten Years of Revolutionizing Dental Solutions

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For 10 years SportingSmiles has been creating custom dental products directly to customers.

WAUKESHA, Wis. - May 15, 2019 - s4story -- Sporting Smiles Celebrates Ten Years of Revolutionizing Dental Solutions

Ten years ago this month, in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Sporting Smiles was born. The idea behind the company was simple: to bring high-quality, custom dental guards, retainers, and whitening solutions available to their customers at the lowest price possible. They achieved this by cutting out the middlemen and minimizing overheads so that you can be sure that you are paying for the highest quality dental products and nothing else.

Their official launch may have been ten years ago, but the story goes a little bit further back than that. As with so many great ideas, it began with an accident. At the age of 14, Evan, Sporting Smiles' founder, had his four front teeth knocked out by a baseball bat that came loose from a classmate's hands in gym class. His father, a dentist, furnished him with four shiny new false teeth and told him to take better care of them. Evan took that to heart and started wearing a mouthguard when playing sports.

There was one downside though. All the over the counter guards were uncomfortable and boring. Evan asked his dad to teach him how to make custom mouthguards and he began producing them in exciting new colors with patterns and graphics. It wasn't long before Evan's classmates took an interest, and soon he was making them for friends and family too. With their encouragement, and seeing a gap in the market, Evan took the leap in May of 2009 and founded www.SportingSmiles.com to bring his innovative mouthguard designs to the masses.

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Evan quickly realized that his process for supplying people with affordable custom mouthguards could work for other dental products too. Many people at the time could not afford the expensive dentist visits to get custom guards and retainers. With that in mind, Sporting Smiles expanded their business to include all custom dental guards, retainers, and trays. That's when Sporting Smiles adopted its mantra, to always strive to bring their customers the best quality dental solutions at the lowest price possible. The catalog now includes a variety of guards, retainers, and whitening solutions to meet all your dental needs.

In 2013, Sporting Smiles designed and patented the first ever dual-arch adjustable mouth tray for taking better dental impressions. This revolutionized the way in which dental impressions are taken. It eliminated the need for trial and error and made taking self impressions much easier and more accessible. The new self-impression kits allowed Sporting Smiles to expand their business and reach even more customers.

From their humble beginnings, Sporting Smiles has grown into a thriving business, servicing thousands of customers across the country. In their new 10,000 sqft headquarters in Waukesha, the same high-quality products are being made with the precision and care that they have always been. However, the technology that makes that possible has changed. With digital 3D scanning and printing technology, your impression is now converted into a guard, retainer, or whitening tray with the most accurate possible fit.

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Ten years on and Sporting Smiles continues to grow. They are still as committed to finding affordable dental solutions for their customers as they were at the start. Constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve on their offerings, Sporting Smiles continues to innovate. Whatever new directions the next ten years bring, Sporting Smiles' customers can rest assured that Evan's vision for the company remains unchanged. The best quality, at the best prices, always.

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