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The NEW dbDOS™ PRO 7 is the most complete MS-DOS® emulator on the market today for Microsoft Windows® 64-bit Operating Systems!

dBase, LLC dbDOS(TM) PRO 7 running dBASE V for DOS
The New dbDOS™ PRO 7 adds significant new features that make it the best dbDOS™ ever!

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - July 18, 2018 - s4story -- dBase, LLC today announced dbDOS™ PRO 7, the latest version of the best-selling solution for supporting MS-DOS® based applications on Windows® 64-bit operating systems.  dbDOS™ PRO 7 increases the product capability by adding key features requested by the user-community.  The new dbDOS™ PRO 7 maintains the speed of prior products and allows for more compatibility on more DOS based programs.

Key features of dbDOS™ PRO 7 include:

·         ONE!  dbDOS™ PRO 7 now allows for changing of the underlying system drive.  This was the most requested new feature and the product has it now!

·         TWO!  dbDOS™ PRO 7 handles large memory better than ever allowing for larger files to be processed.

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·         THREE!  dbDOS™ PRO 7 introduces SNIPPER, a great utility for creating and managing DOS session screen shots.

·         FOUR! Updated Configuration Manager adds the key features to make the screen easier to read, better sorting ability to find configurations faster, and a great new look.

·         FIVE! Introduced custom fonts, these allow for easier reading and allows for applications to assume the font format

·         Enhanced Documentation – dbDOS™ has been a leader in using video to help users get more out of the product and dbDOS™ PRO 7 is no exception.

"No matter how great dbDOS™ has been, people still want more!  The new dbDOS™ PRO 7 delivers on the most requested features," said Mike Rozlog – CEO of dBase.  "The team introduced new features making dbDOS™ better than ever before and it still maintains the speed increases from prior releases!  This is a must buy for anybody doing DOS programs."

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Increased MS-DOS application support: there are very few DOS based applications that dbDOS™ PRO 7 cannot run.  The list is far too vast, but key software like dBASE, FoxPRO, Lotus123, Paradox, and WordPerfect are just a few that dbDOS™ supports and that includes printing in all of those DOS-based applications.

Created in 2012, dbDOS™ is the best MS-DOS® virtual environment available to run DOS based applications on Windows® Vista and above operating systems.  dbDOS™ is used by thousands of customers worldwide and also in Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies worldwide.

Pricing and Availability

The price for dbDOS™ PRO 7 is $149 (USD) for a named user license.  A special offer for people who want to upgrade, dbDOS™ PRO 7 is priced at $119 (USD) for a limited time.

Mike Rozlog

Source: dBase, LLC.

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