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Truster "swipes" for a cause to help people with Herpes

Truster's new iOS app uses the famous "swipe" to connect people with stigmatized health issues like herpes. Revenue funds public health education to stop the stigmas. Started in San Francisco, they launched today in Chicago and are gaining traction.

CHICAGO - Nov. 17, 2016 - s4story -- Today Truster, a San Francisco-based startup, announced their health app for iOS is available for people with herpes (HSV) in Chicago, IL.

The app helps people with HSV understand their diagnosis, meet people locally with HSV, and educate sexual partners. They are stopping the herpes stigma and preventing future spread through education and open conversation. "The isolation caused by social stigma can lead to larger issues, like depression. With Truster, people can find compassion, privacy, and support to avoid this." – Steph Sczech, Truster Co-Founder

According to recent studies, up to 80% of Americans 15 to 49 carry herpes (HSV1 and/or HSV2). Most people don't know their status because they haven't been tested or are asymptomatic. For most people diagnosed with HSV, the stigma is far worse than any symptom they experience. For this reason, the medical community usually only encourages testing if symptoms are visible.

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Truster uses Facebook login for security and prevents a user's social circle from seeing them on the app. Early members preferred talking about HSV with someone that has been through a diagnosis, rather than friends or family. Once on the app, members can swipe through profiles of people they want to meet nearby. "Using a swiping app to help millions of people suffering from health stigma is a perfect medium given some researchers' hypothesis that there's a link between app dating and the rise in sexually transmitted infections (STIs)," said Rick Davis, Truster Co-Founder. "We're using the same platform that adds to the STI increase to solve the problem," Davis said.

People can join Truster for HSV by downloading the app in the iOS App Store.

Learn More: https://www.gettruster.com/

Download the App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/truster/id1085462910?mt=8

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About Truster:

Truster is a San Francisco-based technology company. It was founded to stop stigmas around health issues like depression, STDs, and addiction. In our medically advanced society most health issues are treatable or manageable, yet stigmas impact the day-to-day lives of patients. Our main focus is connecting people with health issues to the resources and community they need to overcome the stigma. Stigma exists where information and understanding do not; together we can end it.

Rick Davis, Co-Founder

Source: Truster

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