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Created In 2010, "My License" Is released on YouTube. Includes new video, "Oh... That Book".
Protect your property from the impending frigid temperatures with WaterSignal's new eBook.
In a Split Second By Timothy Glass From the author of 4-time Amazon bestseller Just This Side of Heaven comes In a Split Second
PAPHOS, Cyprus - Sept. 13, 2018 - -- The purpose of this recipes book is to introduce you some easy-to-cook meals using a clay pot. All recipes in this book are traditional recipes from Greece and Cyprus.
Savant Books and Publications LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, announces the release of author Z. Roux's new magical fiction book, "CEREUS" as an Amazon Kindle eBook/"Whispernet" Audiobook
Improve property security and reduce premises liability with HandyTrac's new eBook.
Download this Free eBook to Help Navigate the Challenges of Travel while Making and Saving Money Along the Way
"Showcasing his literary talent, author B.J. Neblett pens a suspenseful edge of your seat novel destined to secure a place in the urban fantasy genre"
"In the continuing Stories from Lone Moon Creek series, Teresa Millias pens another masterful work"
For just the next few days, you can pick up this 5-star reviewed book for free on Amazon! And you can download an additional book inside - also free. This promotion ends soon, so do it now!
March 11, 2018 - -- With a friendly tone, Jeremy Kho takes readers on a journey of self-discovery. He uses a lot of colorful examples to make the economics part more accessible. There are plenty of stories with realistic characters throughout the book...