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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. - -- Krispy Kreme is kicking off the summer season with a delicious bang! To celebrate the official start of summer, Krispy Kreme is offering customers an irresistible deal on their iconic Original Glazed doughnuts. Friends...
BUFFALO, N.Y. - -- By Christina G. Waldman, Member of The Francis Bacon Society There's new wind in the sails for the "small but mighty" Francis Bacon Society as it relaunches British barrister N. B. Cockburn's monumental 1998 study, The Bacon...
"Tips and Tricks for Living in the Tropics" offers practical advice for living the dream
BIRMINGHAM, U.K. - -- Attention All Minecraft Fans, this book is a fan fiction fantasy series for kids, and adults who love reading epic stories about Minecraft! An epic tale of adventure, danger, and bravery, RISE OF THE GUARDIAN LORDS is a thrilling...
HINGHAM, Mass. - -- I love the month of May. The warm days and cool mornings, the sight of blooms appearing on plants, and even the pollen that floats through the air. They are all a sign to me of Spring and the promise of growth. The world is alive and..
BIRMINGHAM, U.K. - -- Attention All Minecraft Fans, Get ready for the epic battle set 20 Seasons after the passing of Dun Scutus. Sandron Morclaw, a mercenary from a continent to the far southwest, hired to bring back the head of the King led his...
Members May Qualify for an Advance Copy of the YA Science Fiction Novel
"The greatest untapped resource is the collective wisdom of our elders." Share your wisdom for the betterment of the grandchildren - join and support our Global Legacy Project
Calls for rational discourse to preserve democracy in America. Now Shipping!
K2 will be first new commercial offset workflow in nearly two decades
With the same tale of courage on the new frontier, the new edition offers readers an immersive first-person perspective through the eyes of Rye Dalton, the strong female protagonist, bringing a deeper emotional connection to the story.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - -- Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine publisher EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications (ELL Comms) has released Issue #25, which focuses on celebrating the international personalities and brands reaffirming Vancouver's...
Faces of Rap Mothers, the groundbreaking platform created by author Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell, continues to make waves in the rap and hip-hop industry.
The provocative theory presented in the book "Sex On the Wrong Brain" and website of the same name suggests control of women and anti abortion extremism are byproducts of the sexual repression used for centuries to increase male frustration and fuel the i
"When I Stop Fighting: The Unexpected Joy Of Getting My Head Out Of My Ass" Stop Fighting And Find Joy With This Life Changing Audio Book. A Must Listen.
LAS VEGAS - -- Histria Books, a leading independent publishing house, announced today the acquisition of Top of the World Publishing, LLC, including its imprints Untreed Reads, eLectio Publishing, Uncial Press, Cupid's Quill, and Novus Mundi. The...
HINGHAM, Mass. - -- April showers bring…great products from partners that we love to work with. While it is overcast and very wet outdoors, stay inside and finish getting everything that you need for your Spring gardening. Our partners are here to...
Editorial Freelancers Association Offers Three Scholarships to HBCU Students
House of Void is excited to announce the forthcoming release of "Cherry Trail: A Story from Havenburg," a captivating novel by author S.M.R. Burton.
Kennisha Griffin led an inspirational seminar on book publishing aboard the recent Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise that took place April 27th- May 4th 2024.
In a story that sounds utterly unbelievable, an 82-year-old homeless man found himself "moo-ving" into the afterlife thanks to a cow.