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DFE Drives Printware's iJetColor™ Classic, NXT, Pro, and Pro 1175 Envelope Presses
From the author of four-time Amazon bestseller Just This Side of Heaven comes Ashes to Ashes, A Connor Maxwell Mystery Book 4
Dr. Stephanie Vavilala is returning to her hometown of Moberly to hold a book signing for her debut children's book, Sabita Finds Her Voice.
"Weeping Goes Unheard" contains true heart-wrenching narratives based on historical records
GREEN BAY, Wis. - -- Specially formulated construction material provides greater stability High-quality flexographic printing for packaging relies on print sleeves that retain their dimensional integrity regardless of environmental variables. MECA has...
Examine contents. "Quick Quirks, A Quick Book" is up your alley into zany qualifications. It marks distinction, such as between the game of Parcheesi and the one that we play in our minds, somehow not involved in losing two-thirds of the way in to the end
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - -- Guru Nanak (1469-1539) is the founder of the Sikh religion, which has over 25 million followers worldwide. As a young man, he embarked on an inspired mission that took him from the sacred Himalayas to the holy city of Mecca...
COOS BAY, Ore. - -- Studios321 has been working on the Retired Old Farts League along with an Olive the Cat Lady Book series for the past three years. This is the start of a series of children's tales about highly trained special agents who are secretly..
New Book Release by Escribe Publishing - "Life is a Gift, Enjoy It" by Dr. Robert C. Orr
AUSTIN, Texas - -- Austin, TX – 6/10/21 – Pandamoon Publishing has set August 11, 2021 for release of 10 DAYS, Book 1 in the Dee Rommel Mystery Series from Jule Selbo. Pre-orders of the eBook are now available through Amazon; print pre-orders are...
The Playful Verve of these Poems Provides Buoyancy to Subversive Bolts of Voice
Best-selling faith-based voice actor updates popular 16th Century Geneva Bible for a modern audience.
DALLAS - -- A Multi-Billion Dollar Texas Lure! Award-Winning Author Anita Dickason ramps up the action in her latest Texas crime thriller: Deadly Business. The reader is thrust into a high-stakes, high-risk game of financial fraud and murder that...
Master Mind Media Detroit is now offering a new publishing imprint to help clients create their own books
"A story of perseverance...An inspiring, lively read." —Midwest Book Review
Kharis Publishing today announces the release of "Messages in Nature" (ISBN: 978-1-946277-91-6) by K.J. Morris, a picture of the glorious Creator interacting with us through this natural world that we love and enjoy.
Kharis Publishing today announces the release of "Going Against Goliath: How to Fight Cancer and Win!" (ISBN: 978-1637460313) by Philip Robson, a message of hope that never dies.
Kharis Publishing today announces the release of "Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself: Making the Journey from Condemnation to Compassion" (ISBN: 978-1637460221) by Chris Thurman, Ph.D., a life changing message.
SAN FRANCISCO - -- A.N. Publishing has updated its official promo video, which highlights the experience A.N. Publishing offers its readers with its plethora of diverse publications. The updated promo video also serves to showcase the diverse audience A..
Danielle Batiste expands her platform to help those suffering from diabetes live, grow, and avoid death
GOFFSTOWN, N.H. - -- The INDE Platform consists of several integrated products. The flagship product for desktop has three major modules, the Library, the Guild, and the Publisher. The product is subscription-based and has three levels of subscribers...