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New Historical Novel Explores the Roots of Issues on Today's Front Pages
Publisher's Weekly's BookLife editors chose Season of the Dragon, a new book by Arizona author Natalie Wright, as one of thirty to represent the best in American independent publishing at the 2023 Thessaloniki international book fair.
GREEN BAY, Wis. - -- Internal vacuum technology reduces a range of process challenges The ability to safely and accurately complete the thread-up process has challenged converters since the dawn of the industry. The development of modern vacuum roll...
Having fun while learning a lot at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Editorial Freelancers Association Hosts International Conference in Virginia
BARRINGTON, R.I. - -- Words N More Creative LLC announced today the launch of "Artisan Joy," a niche magazine that publishes small business advice and inspiration for established and aspiring creative entrepreneurs, including makers, artisans, artists...
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - -- The Keeping Your Marbles masterplan is a science-based program geared towards treating memory loss while preventing dementia using proven effective methods, no special equipment, expensive pills, or weird potions required. Research..
Spilling The Beans: A Book For The World Is Lighting Up Readers' Interest on Amazon
Massachusetts Based Publishing Company has published 21 local authors and donates 10 percent of publishing royalties to support animal rescues.
An extraordinary and unparalleled collection of work, celebrating design icon Kit Hinrichs' creative life covering over 50 years.
PHILADELPHIA - -- From Author Meredith Newman comes a charming story about creativity, ingenuity, and giving back to one's community. Children of all ages will be captivated by the bright and engaging illustrations as they are drawn into the story. Find..
New Book by Michael Thompson Takes Readers Through the Masculine Journey to Foster Oriented Leadership
WINNIPEG, Manitoba - -- Jessie Sadler ( will be signing copies of her novel, "The Desert Siren: The Desert Seas Book One (" at the Indigo located at 1590 Kenaston Blvd. Winnipeg..
This fascinating historical fiction, sprinkled with a little fantasy, earns one of the top prizes in the Annual Reader Views Literary Awards program.
This magnificent high-fantasy debut by Alex Thornbury earns one of the top prizes in the Annual Reader Views Literary Awards program.
As World Autism Month Approaches, the book's lyrical "call to kindness" resonates more deeply, soaring off the page and into the reader's heart
Author Shaun Hamilton Visits BBS Radio to Presents His Book "When Your Partner Says #MeToo: Your Role And Responsibilities In Their Recovery Process."
Home Work A Collection of Poems Sparked by One White Woman's Journey on the Matter of "Race" Reveals New Cover
Editorial Freelancers Association Members Add Their Expertise to ACES Conference
WEST MIDLANDS, U.K. - -- An epic middle grade adventure series, perfect for readers aged 12+ and fans of Harry Potter, Mouseguard, Podkin One ear, Percy Jackson, and the Witcher, and Fans of The Wind in the Willows. The fortress stronghold of Astapailia..
In an ad shared by his wife last year, the governor's re-election campaign suggested that he was chosen for this mission by the creator of the universe.