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BILOXI, Miss. - -- Kathleen Parrish releases "Second Son", an intimate look into the life of a young sharecropper's son in the Great Depression who dreams of something more. "Second Son", originally written in 1963, offers a realism and accuracy that...
CALUMET, Mich. - -- Beth Kirschner—engineer by day, author by night—to release "Copper Divide", a historical fiction about the 1913 Italian Hall disaster. "Copper Divide" is a story of two friends on opposite sides of a bloody conflict that is...
"Operation Ameliorate: A Clio Project Story" aims to return a Civil War soldier to the era and love he misses
Medicine has made tremendous progress but there is a growing public distrust reflected in the growth of alternative treatments, anti-vax rhetoric, anti-mask protests and anti-psychiatry.
Traditional publishing company announces a new service in April that promises to "change everything." Readers can go to the company's website to get notified about it.
KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - -- The Independent Book Publishing Association (IBPA) has listed With Liberty and Justice for Some: The Bible, the Constitution and Racism in America by Susan K. Williams Smith (Judson Press), as one of three finalists in the...
Chatroom With a View, new horror novel by author, Glenn Maynard from Wethersfield, Connecticut
Top Global Leaders Bring New Strategies and Examples for Team Building
Rattlesnake Jar has a rhythm and a lyricism that takes the reader on journeys that twist and turn, and lead to thoughts and ideas that are full of surprises - almost like the unfolding of a flower or an unexpected change in the weather.
Central Park South Publishing, landed one of 2021's hottest books, "The Diary of Princess Pushy, Part 1" by Samantha Markle, and it's only March!
The Founding of the Iroquois League by Joseph Bruchac and illustrated by David Kanietakeron Fadden
Tiffany Reisz's romance catalog is getting a vintage makeover beginning this March. 8th Circle Press is debuting the "Original Sinners Pulp Library," a spin-off of her million-plus selling Original Sinners series.
TORONTO - -- JF Garrard, award winning BIPOC writer, editor and indie publisher has launched a new independent podcast, The Artsy Raven, which explores the craft of writing a book, which can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a person's life...
The Comic Adds More Meta to the Layers of "BLA & GB GABBLER"
The inner soul of a young poet – a book of poetry from a young poet
SPARK, a new program offered by Burning Soul Press, helps young writers find their authentic voice, write their unique story, and become a published author.
Advanced Review Copy of the New Book "CLUBBIE: A Minor League Baseball Memoir" (University of Nebraska Press, April 1, 2021) Available to the Sports Media
COVID-19 has been especially harsh on small businesses. Brick-and-mortar retail took the bulk of lockdown consequences and many are out of work from employers "tightening their belts." But the hospitality industry has suffered more than any other. The sto
The reader may discover the answer to that question and more in this imaginative interpretation of an afterlife.
SAN FRANCISCO - -- Modern Treatise is expanding its spectrum of coverage and introduces a new Ethics column titled "Rule of Thumb." The column covers ethical quandaries individuals may encounter in their professional and personal lives. Our topics...
This is Where the Adventure Begins, Sci-Fi / Urban Fantasy Book