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BOSTON - Jan. 23, 2019 - -- StripSupply, a Boston-based company focused on disrupting the $11 billion diabetic test strip market, announced today it will be waiving monthly subscription fees for both diabetic test strips and lancets for affected federal..
First of it's kind meal kits now available online for the popular Instant Pot multicooker.
Learn more at the January 24th kick-off event and information session
STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Nov. 27, 2018 - -- Webbplattformen KIKOINNE som startades för en vecka sedan är ett modestartup som levererar personlig styling på internet. Enligt dennes grundarna är det en plattform som kopplar samman personliga stylister med...
No matter how busy your team is, your SMS Bot will give customers precise, instant answers 24/7. JustCall has launched a SMS Bot Creator for brands to provide automated answers to their customers via sms.
Rapid-growth technology company, Align, graduates from world-class and community-driven coworking space, Launch Pad, and moves into 3,900 square foot office.
Best source for new entrepreneurs seeking shared office community.
TORONTO - Nov. 15, 2018 - -- The Timmy Awards celebrate the best in tech. New tech companies built around AI, machine-learning or blockchain battle to be crowned; but what happens when one company encompasses all these technologies? Corl Financial...
Modos Furniture recently created a new online 3D customization tool that lets customers design their own furniture to the exact specifications of their home or office.
Launch Potato an Inc 1000 company was named one of the Fastest-Growing Technology Companies in two categories by South Florida Business Journal's 2018 Technology Awards. Ranking 5th by percentage revenue growth and 6th by revenue dollar growth.
Remember FRIENDS (the tv series) ? Emma was born in "The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 2" (Season 8 episode 24).