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Charge Up Campaign Hosts Virtual Survivors Conference and Pajama Party Providing Support and Celebration to Cancer Warriors, Survivors and Caregivers
Dr. Patti Flint is one of few plastic surgeons in Arizona performing lip lift surgery, a quick, in-office procedure that brings youthfulness back to the lips and mouth.
ATLANTA - -- Entertainment and marketing powerhouses Dina Marto and Courtney Rhodes have joined forces to launch an all women-led management firm known as C&D | The Agency. Driven by Marto and Rhodes' combined 40+ years of industry savvy and...
Queen of Haunts Picks Thirteen of the Best at Balancing Scary, Fun, and Safety
Country artist Ashley Wineland to drop her latest single off of her upcoming album, bringing a message of empowerment and self-affirmation.
WARREN, N.J. - -- Bestselling and award-winning author Jennifer Moss will deliver the keynote speech, "The Psychology of Making People Feel Safe as They Return to Work with Connectivity and Technology" at the Connected Virtual Tech Event presented by...
Sunber hair has a big sale on Halloween Celebration with up to 45% off for your orders. If you want to save money and achieve natural look and unique beauty, don't miss this chance.
A BLESSING: Women of Color Teaming Up to LEAD, EMPOWER and THRIVE By Bonita C. Stewart and Jacqueline Adams Released on October 15, 2020 by Wordeee
The summit will take place in digital format and in Spanish with international female speakers and will address issues that affect Hispanic women today such as finances, social inequality, health and career advancement.
Adrienne Christian announces her third collection of poetry highlighting the experiences of African Americans and the clothes they wear through life's pleasure and pain