'Habits: How Our Habits Help Host Happiness or Hell' is a Unique Self Help Book

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New York,  Jul 18, 2018 (Issuewire) - Habits are the brains way of helping people by establishing a pattern that neurons can follow. They put people on autopilot. They can be your servants or masters. Most people choose the latter by fostering the bad ones.

Bad habits can jeopardize your health and well-being, both mentally and physically, as well as hinder your accomplishments and create apathy for the good things. It is a known fact that everyone has at least one bad habit. The great news is that where there is a will, there is a way; and you are perfectly capable of getting rid of this habit.

Habits: How Our Habits Help Host Happiness or Hell can galvanize you to start or help you along a journey of self-improvement. The brain is set up for developing habits because when it releases the feel-good chemical called dopamine, it is signalled to do that behaviour again to get that feeling again, which strengthens the habit whether its healthy or not.

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Habits: How Our Habits Help Host Happiness or Hell appeals to as broad a spectrum as possible: those of any age, gender, or social economic background, or any place in their professional or personal lives.

A crucial step to overcoming bad habits is recognizing what causes them. Most habits are actually caused by several attempts to alleviate stress and boredom, which may even be decoys for deeper issues. Certain beliefs or influencers may lie behind the bad habit and you may not even know what they are until you truly examine them. It may be tough to initially think about; but if you are serious and truly set on making life changes, Habits: How Our Habits Help Host Happiness or Hell is a must-have book.

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