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Though its just hitting the market, Dr. Regina Nelsons new book is already being called brilliant and a great guide to the why and how to use cannabis as medicine by Amazon reviewers. Dr. Nelson comes to Berlin celebrate the release of her new book, The..
Today's news and buzzes cling widely to racism and discrimination not just in the United States but throughout the world. Superbly, adhering to the past events and histories and preserving the negative aspects of these occurrences are ultimately...
Award Winning Author and Western Publisher J.C. Hulsey publishes first book (entitled The Widow) since 2015 when Outlaws Publishing was born.
Renowned author, lecturer, and media commentator shared her tale of Resisting, Reflecting and Recalling in her travelogue as she tried to escape the election of Donald Trump, and rediscovering her own brand of resistance along the way.
Worship Him Ministries International has made its mark in sharing the gospel and taking the concept of God speaking to the churched and unchurched alike worldwide.
There is no shortage of people who have the mistaken idea that becoming a success in digital marketing is easy and doesn't require, study, knowledge, and skill.  Publisher of the popular marketing blog The Digital Diary, James Gaubert, certainly doesn...
NEW YORK - June 5, 2018 - -- Written by Gina Kingston
Beau Noir Publishing is proud to offer Kimberly Albrittons debut childrens book, Better Than ME!.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - June 4, 2018 - -- Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark, announced the winners of the 2018 annual IndieReader Discovery Awards (IRDAs) at Book Expo America (BEA)/Book Con, a major trade show in New York City. The Workplace Writer..
As a small boy Matt Carey loved to ride his bike, play football with friends and to laugh. He loved life and was always smiling. 
Mom's Choice Awards® is pleased to announce the latest products & services to earn our distinction. The products & services you see here have been rigorously evaluated by consumers & experts around the world & are held to the highest standards.
Matt Malouf is an author and a part-time investor known for his wealth of experience with international real estate and relocation. Matt recently released a new Amazon Kindle eBook and paperback titled Short Term Rental Success Stories from the Edge...
Written by bestselling author Piers Anthony collaborated with Kenneth Kelly and published by Dreaming Big Publications, Amazon Expedient is currently available in e-book copies.
Justin Summers released an ebook called Saved by the Book, which covers how he solved his lifelong depression with Facebook and a Ancestry DNA test, just before he committed suicide.
Zorba Books publishes Invisible Girlfriend- love, life and beyond by Ekta Renu Chandna. The novel is a fast-paced romance cum thriller rolled into one book.
Nightly Owl Takes Flight. In this story, the early bird do NOT get the worms. Nightly Owl wins. She is a true super hero!
Ten-year-old Theodora T. Omagbemi celebrates the release of her first book -True Keys to Friendship.
First-time author Joa Macnalie has just released The Hero In The Helmet: Colin Kaepernick, through Melanin Origins, LLC. The book, which is written in a third-person narrative, will educate both parents and children on the life and legacy of this modern..
Find new Chewbacca story for young readers at Greetings & Readings
Robert Hunter promotes Relapse: A Love Story at Greetings & Readings
Robert Hunter promotes Relapse: A Love Story at Greetings & Readings