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DALLAS - -- Blessings in Broken Places From Abandonment to Abundance is an Inspirational self-care workbook where author, Mel Jackson uses her real-life stories and experiences to tell her testimony. To heal, inspire and transform, Mel openly exposes...
Retired school teacher turns prolific author sharing her life's testimonies and original poetry tackling today's current events.
CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif. - -- San Diego writer Wayne Raffesberger has released his first book, Thank God I Got Polio: A Life of Adventure and the Adventure of Life, a powerfully inspirational memoir. It begins with a very compelling account of a young.. On-Line Sale Has Started--Ends December 21st.
TAMPA, Fla. - -- Down & Out Books is pleased to announce that ALL MY SINS REMEMBERED by Ron Cooper has been published on November 29, 2021 in trade paperback and ebook formats. About ALL MY SINS REMEMBERED … Former academic now veteran Deputy...
NEW YORK - -- Trophies is a collection of poems intertwined with hidden messages where you will question the world, life, existence and yourself through an awakened intellectual experience. The book of poems is the latest work by French poet, philosophy..
EntrePReneurISHing™ is a book brand culture that can take entrepreneurs of any experience category, and industry culture into its deep story of how author Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven,™ The Branding Bullionaire™ evolved to coin the conceptual branded t
ROCHESTER, N.Y. & PITTSFORD, N.Y. - -- Clinical psychologist, grief counselor, expressive artist, and widowed mom, Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe, announced the release of her new book, After Your Person Dies: Affirmations for grief, making meaning, and...
The Wayfarer stands on the rim of insanity, smirking. A story of psychological recovery and rebirth focusing on the reconciliation of past trauma and restoration of a prosperous life.
Maxwell Nevik offers Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for the Holidays
This is an inspiring autobiography about a modern East Anglian man
SUNSET, S.C. - -- Shelley Burchfield's new historical fiction novel The Earth Remains (TouchPoint Press, November 16, 2021) tells the story of Polly Burgiss, a white Southern woman who, on the brink of the Civil War, must confront her traumatic past as...
An emotional story of love which is lost and then rekindled two decades later
Kiki Przewlocki's debut novel celebrates sisterhood, heritage, and Italian cuisine
TAMPA, Fla. - -- Down & Out Books is pleased to announce that HOLLAND BAY, a crime thriller by Jim Winter, has been published on November 22, 2021 in trade paperback and ebook formats. About HOLLAND BAY … Welcome to Monticello, a city long past...
LAS VEGAS - -- Histria Books is pleased to announce the release of Islomanes of Cumberland Island by Nashville author Rita Welty Bourke. The book is published by Addison & Highsmith Publishers, an imprint of Histria Books dedicated to outstanding...
Inspiring story about a dog how overcomes adversity of losing his leg.
A new book shatters the notion that the UFO phenomenon began in the 1940s. Introducing a bevy of UFO sightings, alien encounters, and other unusual cases from the 1800s, this book sets the record straight. Focusing on North America, "The Real Cowboys & Al
ST. GEORGE, Utah - -- All of us have challenges in our lives and we feel so alone. We sometimes wonder if we are the only ones who are experiencing difficulties. Have you ever felt that each trial you have endured was so difficult that you wondered...
Brian Tracy's new book on resilience, which he has co-authored with leading professionals from around the world, hit Amazon best-seller list.
The Da Vinci Fraud by Jack Dunn and Jonathan Coad. The explosive True Story of how Dan Brown gained Fame and Fortune by plagiarizing Jack Dunn's book The Vatican Boys to write The Da Vinci Code