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Dennis Knotts Pens 5th Exciting Book in Fantasy Series, the 'Dulan Archives'
NEW YORK - -- Legendary success writer Napoleon Hill promises that there is a secret encoded in his classic Think and Grow Rich. Hill writes that the secret appears hundreds of times in his 1937 book—but is never directly stated.
5th in the Rev. Paltoquet Supernatural Murder Mystery series
TAMPA, Fla. - -- Down & Out Books is pleased to announce that THE EYES OF TEXAS: PRIVATE EYES FROM THE PANHANDLE TO THE PINEY WOODS edited by Michael Bracken will be published on October 21, 2019 in trade paperback and ebook formats.
Wizard World has teamed with Book 'Em on a book donation program at the upcoming Wizard World Pittsburgh event next weekend. Fans bringing two books to the Special Guest Registration desk will receive a free pre-autographed celebrity photo.
August 15th is 815 or Rockford Day, and Poplar Grove based publisher Tales of Wonder and Dread Publishing will be releasing a new book on two Rockford cemeteries on that date. "Rockford's Final Resting Places: Volume Four" is that book.
LAS VEGAS - -- Author and speaker, Dr. Adah F. Kennon has written a book that chronicles her journey to protect her husband, an honorably retired 89-year-old African American World War II (occupation) and Korean War Army veteran, who suffers from kidney..
Katrina will offer two different programs through AZ Speaks. Full descriptions of the programs are available online. Talks for all speakers are available to any organization in Arizona that applies for the grant-based program.
As "Happy Holidays" 1/2 Time approaches. Don't forget grab a possible sales boost with crunching numbers for the Holiday Season.
Bellissima Publishing, LLC is proud to welcome Stephen Clickner into the Bellissima family with the publication of his wonderful book of Poetry "Spring's Embrace of Beautiful".
RICHMOND HILL, Ontario - -- As the name implies, AUTHORPÆDIA® (a.k.a. "The Author's Encyclopædia")—headquartered in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, in the United States— is the world's only Encyclopædia dedicated to all published writers, where every...