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BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - -- Author Marvin T. Rucker is releasing his autobiography, Snatched Out of the Hand of the Enemy, One Man's Struggle: Foreword by the Late Bishop Kenneth H. Moales, Sr. This story is Marvin's testimony about his pathway from drug...
An independent online bookseller offers timely selection of ebooks and audiobooks.
Life has changed in so many ways since March. Parents and caregivers are stepping up to the impossible task of teaching and parenting while working at the same time. (It's impossible, yet you're doing it. Every day.)
Looking for new and interesting ways to keep your children learning and entertained? You're not alone. Millions of parents are searching for ideas right now.
Ceremonial masks dug up by archeologists provide insights and inspiration for literary treatment of coping with the hardships of the 2020s
LOS ANGELES - -- The Horror Writers Association (HWA) proudly announces that this year's Bram Stoker Awards will be Live Streaming on April 18, 2020. You can watch the entire event as it occurs.
PHOENIX - -- Parents struggling to find ways to encourage their kids to share and get along with siblings or others will soon have a new tool to help them develop healthy relationships.
This is about a new book of poetry by Robert Barrows. The book is called "Crazy Robert's More Great Poems and Potential Song Lyrics"...and... one of the poems in the book is a poem/potential song called "The New Coronavirus Blues"
Kristin Pedderson is known to music lovers as "Miss Kristin" for her one of a kind sound, songwriting and music productions. Currently she brings her love for writing to a new audience through inspirational books. "Clarity Over Conflict" (Going the Distan
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. - -- Kenneth E. Korber, the published author of The Musical Adventures of Grace children's book series, is expanding his literary footprint and has begun the unique and innovative process of combining three distinct disciplines...