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A fast-paced sea story, tells of a young woman's pursuit of a dream and the cost of easy choices in a dangerous world.
Although Juneteenth is now a national holiday, many state legislatures are passing laws banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory, a framework of analysis challenging the idea that the United States has become a color-blind society.
LONDON - -- Would you like to find a treasure? Who wouldn't, right? But in your life, you might find yourself struggling a lot instead of that. The worst moments of struggling are when you see others, especially those on social media, who appear to have..
ORLANDO, Fla. - -- The High Sign, from Bible scholar David S. Heeren, compellingly reveals 200 points of evidence involving 24 scriptural events that support his unconventional interpretation of the Bible's end time prophecy. For 13 years, Heeren has...
These are the Words, Works and Vision of Robin Chappell -- The 21st Century daVinci.
WARMINSTER, Pa. - -- Kayla Brissi, the owner of Kayla Brissi LLC and founder of Domination Digital Marketing™, is proud to announce the book release of Anthony's Way, I AM ME! a children's book written by Lisa Ciao and illustrated by Mike Ferrin on...
Whenever Dharma - that is law and order in the world - is endangered, Vishnu changes into another form called an Avatar so he can protect the good and destroy the evil so the balance is restored.
BALTIMORE - -- Contact Name: Hanna Al-Kowsi Phone: 443-522-7007 Email: Website: Haunted by Her Brother's Deaths, a Young Girl Must Learn to Trust Their Killers …Or do They Need to...
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"A story of perseverance...An inspiring, lively read." —Midwest Book Review
Current Events and Intelligence Career Are the Basis for New Novel
LOS ANGELES - -- The Horror Writers Association (HWA), the premier organization of writers and publishers of horror and dark fantasy, announces this year's Bram Stoker Awards® winners at a virtual ceremony during StokerCon™ 2021. "This year's winners...
SPRINGFIELD, Va. - -- Simply being able to pay your bills each month is not enough. Unexpected job loss. Medical emergency. Natural disaster. In an instant, an unforeseen event can put you on shaky financial footing if you're not prepared. And...
LOS ANGELES - -- A single bullet silenced the voice, but not the dream, of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968. Whether or not James Earl Ray pulled the trigger — and why — has been the subject of speculation for more than five decades. In...
DALLAS - -- At 18, Natalia Foster knew seven things about the biological father she'd never met: he was tall, dark, handsome and Italian. He was also married to someone other than Natalia's mother, had three children and, clearly, no morals. Now, at age..
FOREST, Va. - -- It's a struggle that parents of children with special needs face every day and well into that child's adulthood: how much decision-making latitude is safe? NOKI is an empowering story from Douglas Farrago, MD, about a young man with...
The Reader Views Literary Awards Program levels the playing field for self-published authors and is recognized industry-wide as one of the most respected literary awards programs for independent authors.