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Rey Clark recently brought home a First-place Cygnus Science Fiction Ward for "Dawn of Genesis" and Gertrude Warner Middle-Grade Fiction Award for "Legends of the Vale."
OTTAWA, Ontario - -- In response to customer demand, the Ottawa-based authors of Lean: Manage work as a flow system, France Bergeron and Joanne Gaudet penned a 3rd edition. Co-author France Bergeron explains that "Lean is about developing people to be...
A feast of fiction. Flights of fantasy. A smidgen of SciFi. And a dash of dark romance. Stories to titillate any taste.
Celebrating the release of "Haiku Milieu Vol. 2" and "Reckoning," the Virtu-Concert will be live streamed from FitzGerald's social media pages with a special pre-party on Zoom.
LONDON - -- Are you just watch at your life and allow it to pass by? Or maybe you are actively taking part in it? How do you can know who you are? Let see. Do you do what you like in life? Do you enjoy every moment of your life? Do you work in a...
LOS ANGELES - -- The Horror Writers Association (HWA), in partnership with United for Libraries, Book Riot, and Booklist, is proud to announce the third annual Summer Scares Reading Program. Summer Scares is a reading program that provides libraries and..
Boxed gift set for Biden Harris voters includes motion-sickness bag, headache meds, fly trap, and—in case of emergency only—application for Canadian citizenship
"Did we win the battle?" asked King Wyndham. "Well it depends how you define winning," answered Longfield, one of the King's royal commanders. So starts The Magic Fix, a satirical tale with a cast of mythical characters, by author Mark Montanaro.
BALTIMORE - -- Mysterious author Israfel Sivad finally released his memoir Disorder. As has often been speculated, it was revealed that "Israfel Sivad" is a pen name. However, the story of the author's life is even more extraordinary... Disorder tells...
Williams up against hundreds of authors worldwide for prestigious 2020 Author Elite Award
The personal World War II flight jacket of Count and Colonel Ilya A. Tolstoy, grandson of the renowned Russian author Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace), plus other items from the estate of Ilya Tolstoy, is expected headliners in the two-session sale.
Brit Bennett, author of The Vanishing Half is our Keynote speaker