LELAND, N.C. - -- Tyler Wittkofsky, the multi-talented author, entrepreneur, mental health advocate, travel blogger, and podcaster, is set to captivate readers once again as he releases the second edition of his critically acclaimed novella-turned-novel..
CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif. - -- The Prisoner of Secrets brings to life the largely untold story of the American origins of the Holocaust and sets it in a repressive New England school. A reviewer has said, "John Lockton's ability to channel the voice...
SAN MARCOS, Texas - -- Remember the name Miles Skonberg, because this young talent is making waves in the world of design and art. Miles Skonberg, a junior pursuing his BFA in communication design at Texas State University, has emerged as the stellar...
DES MOINES, Iowa - -- DISCOVER HIDDEN GEMS AND FASCINATING STORIES IN SECRET IOWA: A GUIDE TO THE WEIRD, WONDERFUL, AND OBSCURE ST. LOUIS, MO—Reedy Press is pleased to announce the release of our newest guidebook, Secret Iowa: A Guide to the Weird...
Angry outbursts and tantrums in children are just communication messages. Healthy emotional growth in a child can be a frustrating and exasperating process for parents and the child. Let's unpack how we can use this normal growth process in child.
WEST WARWICK, R.I. - -- An old, abandoned piano that lives in the corner of a music classroom longs for someone to play his keys again. When discovered by the music teacher, the piano is suddenly filled with hope. But that hope doesn't last long when...
CALGARY, Alberta - -- The Book everyone is reading today The YA novel of the Year. This high-quality fantasy book is for teens, and grown-ups who love to read epic stories about adventure! Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze...
Claims 'True' Book Contains Dream Revelations; Detailed Future Historical Accounts
Bonfire Cinema, a new multi-platform publisher with the mission to create and bring inspiring, entertaining and enlightening content across the mediums of Cinema, Theatre, Animation and Publishing to the public.
LOS ANGELES - -- Noted political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson's latest work Why the GOP Became a White Supremacist Party reveals: How Black crime exaggeration and scare has been a winning formula for six decades for..
This year's conference will feature more than 50 experts and 18 panels on a wide range of topics to help creatives of all types stay on top of the latest trends. Sessions will cover topics including artificial intelligence, screenwriting, writing for kids
WASHINGTON - -- Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., of Blountville, Tennessee, is proud to announce the nationwide release of Compelled: From the Yazoo Pumps to Polar Bears and Back: The Evolution of Natural Resource Conservation and Law, by H. Dale Hall. H...
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - -- From Thomas Reed, the author of Seeking Hyde, a finalist in the 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award for Historical Fiction, comes a darkly comedic and reflective adventure that tests the strength of family ties amidst grief...
After so many losses, Harriet Hodgson decided "Death would be the loser; life would be the winner. I will make it so."
Limited-Release Thrillers, Mysteries, Historical Fiction and a Pinch of Science Fiction
A collection of blog post by Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. David Laing Dawson with such topics as a cornered narcissist is not a pretty sight.
LAS VEGAS - -- Histria Books is pleased to announce the release of The Falcon, the Wolf, and the Hummingbird by Martha Engber. This compelling work of historical fiction is published by Addison & Highsmith Publishers, an imprint of Histria Books...

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ARLINGTON, Mass. - -- Tough Poets Press is pleased to finally announce the publication of Michael Brodsky's latest novel, Invidicum. Twenty years in the making, this 1,188-page opus is a sprawling satirical novel about an experimental drug for "Envy...
ATLANTA - -- Because There's More Publishing (BTMP), a boutique, faith-based publishing company, is excited to announce the official launch of its business. BTMP was created with the indie author in mind. We offer comprehensive services to independent...
Written by a Seasoned Facilitator of Dr. Brené Brown's Work, "The Perfection Paradox" Encourages Readers to Strive for Healthier Practices by Understanding the Research Behind Perfectionism and Its Impact On Our Lives
O FALLON, Mo. - -- Vertical Hold Press, a dynamic new publishing company, is thrilled to make its debut in the literary world. Specializing in the captivating realms of young adult and science fiction, Vertical Hold Press is poised to leave an indelible..

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"Regenerating Life": New England premiere of a new documentary film by John Feldman, which takes a fresh look at the causes & solutions to the climate crisis. Film Screening and Symposium held at Tufts University, Oct. 14, 2023.
Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center passed its state medical inspection and can begin seeing patients for sedation dentistry at its Frederick Maryland location. This will allow all dentists in the state of Maryland to provide dental procedures
A delightful and wholesome cup of coffee that's so refreshing, great for your health, and brings back fond memories with every sip.
COLLEYVILLE, Texas - -- Trinity Prairie Real Estate is pleased to announce the listing of 6401 Westcoat Dr, Colleyville, TX, 76034. This breathtaking 16.78-acre estate is mere minutes from DFW airport and situated between Dallas and Fort Worth, making...
Mil-Spec Safety & Security is now even more accessible online for current and prospective clients.
Spacia X Offers Superior Design Features, a Modern Café Car Serving Local Bites and Brews, and You can Ride with the Nikko All Area Pass.
LINCOLN, R.I. - -- Rhody Rug, one of the largest and most prestigious braided rug manufacturers in the United States, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new direct-to-consumer website. This exciting development enhances Rhody Rug's commitment...
Moolwan unveils 10 captivating modern Home Decor Items for every budget to make homes astonishingly luxurious. They hope that these items will help customers elevate their homes into havens of style and sophistication
CHICAGO - -- A recent court filing exposes the working conditions at Berlin Packaging LLC,, a global employer with offices in Chicago and throughout the United States. The complaint alleges a former top sales executive was fired...


ML Elevate is an intensive 6-week accelerator program to nurture and empower early-stage core Generative AI Startups
User-focused by design: Lympid enables seamless Web3 exploration and earning
The Company Also Introduces Their Flagship Product, Tomei RWA
Forecasted $4.5 Million Economic Boost For Record Breaking Tournament Attendance
MUNICH - -- Telecommunications software leader Axiros is proud to announce the new AXACT 2023.4 release, which offers the most efficient and effective approach to making devices manageable via USP and TR-069 simultaneously. This is a fairly minor...
ATLANTA - -- Falcomm, the fabless semiconductor company providing the most energy-efficient power amplifiers to the wireless communication market, was selected for the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200, the world's preeminent startup competition. The...
The Tone Commander acquisition underscores Patton's commitment to US manufacturing while broadening its existing product portfolio for high-security communications
The Customer Agility Framework™ from Insight to Outcome, through the Customer (user), Business and Technical North Star's. It contains two missing links in organizational lifecycle firstly what work should be done and secondly how can work be qualified as
In an increasingly divided country there is one thing everyone has in common – the need for a bathroom. Yet when people need to "go," clean publicly accessible bathrooms can be hard to find. The City of Fairfax, Virginia has taken the bathroom crisis head

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Americast PreCast Pads Installed in Electric Car Charge Stations throughout USA
Co-written by: April K. Stubbs, Sheila Stubbs Taylor and Steve R. Jackson II and The song features saxophonist Randy Scott, who produced the record.
A Musical Masterpiece In The Making That Defines a Pivotal Chapter In The Career Of The World's No.1 Superstar.
OLATHE, Kan. - -- Heartland Soccer Association is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative live streaming service for all league matches and tournaments held at the world-class Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex. Equipped with state-of-the-art cameras...
NEW YORK - -- "Love You More" is an upbeat adult contemporary/pop-rock song that is perfectly timed for the Fall, a season when people fall in love or get "cuffed." It's a declaration of the limitless reach of love…whether it be romantic or...
Calling All Artist! Flint's Got Talent Submissions Is Now Open

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Live Good Inc., a student-run eco-friendly company dedicated to promoting diversity and unity, is making waves in the modern era as a beacon of progress reminiscent of the historical significance of Crissy Field, Angel Island and the brave Buffalo Soldier
TEMPE, Ariz. - -- Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies (CGI) is immensely proud to host the 2023 Integrated Care Conference, Opportunity in Crisis - Using Adverse Pandemic Experiences to Drive Healthcare Improvement, featuring...
eVTOLs $25 Billion Market by 2030 - We expect autonomous eVTOL industry to be robust by 2028 with airtaxi, cargo package delivery, law enforcement and ambulatory healthcare writes CEO, James Dean, Entangled Vibrations
CHARLESTON, S.C. - -- Material Capital Partners ("MCP"), a vertically integrated real estate development and investment management firm headquartered in Charleston, SC, is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Preserve at Sweetwater. The 89 home...
RALEIGH, N.C. - -- Olalah Njenga, CEO of YellowWood Group, LLC, was awarded the 2023 Lewis Shattuck Small Business Advocate of the Year Award by the National Small Business Association (NSBA). NSBA presented Njenga with the award during the opening...

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