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LAS VEGAS - April 6, 2019 - -- CEO, entrepreneur, author, media figure and Mom Trina Vaughn, also known as 'The Vegas Diva' has morphed into these roles over the last 20 years. A native of Chicago, IL, Vaughn moved to Las Vegas in 1998 and was involved...
Contents: about the author; contact details; product information; interview resources; praise for the impact of church consultancy
Proving that anyone can overcome immense obstacles to achieve and manifest the most "impossible" dreams.
Highlighting a new generation of women empowering women and creating a new era for personal development
BALTIMORE - March 13, 2019 - -- Author, Philanthropist, Relationship Coach, and Motivational Speaker, Tanya Williamson, is celebrating an expansion and two year celebration of her company, Married to the Ring™,  by unleashing a transformative...
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