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LOS ANGELES - -- Talent Concierge is the premier source, a non-traditional full-service boutique agency for today's prominent masterminds, thought-leaders, business luminaries, athletes, celebrities, and lifestyle entrepreneurs, announce the celebration..
Author to launch "Why The Gym Didn't Work For You: The Missing Link to Fitness Success" on Tuesday, June 18th at Lucky13Fitness
Irresistible Tour Travels to Church Leaders in Four Cities This Fall
New author with a new series regarding rare blood types and the conspiracy theories that surround the RH negative bloodline. Idea came to her after while she was on bedrest nine months due to a distracted driver.
"There's a dream making an enormous squeal, begging to be seen and heard with a LOUD reverb!" --quote from new book "The Break of Dawn", poignantly written to prompt the reader to uncover their own breakthrough and discover inner strength.