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PITTSBURGH - Oct. 3, 2017 - -- Blackbird Films announces the release of The Mutineer, an indie comedy about a group of characters, fleeing a gun possession charge, who take over a farm in rural Appalachia and try to secede from the U.S. The film will...
Hyena's Comedy Club of Ft. Worth, Dallas and Plano celebrate the return of inspirational, motivational and keynote speaker comedy hypnotist Don Barnhart.
Release of "The Nug Nation" Episode 3: The Lawsuit With Official Sponsors
LOS ANGELES - Sept. 3, 2017 - -- Indoor Boys is a new web series (comedy/LGBT) created by and starring Wesley Taylor ("Smash"/"The Good Wife"/Broadway's The Addams Family) and Alex Wyse ("Marvel's Iron Fist"/"Masters of Sex"/Broadway's Spring Awakening).
On September 8th, Tyler's Historic Liberty Hall Will Present a Toast to Frank Sinatra and Joan Rivers With the Magnificent Las Vegas Music and Comedy Duo of Dave Halston and Barbara Brighton.
Picking up where Bob Hope left off, Las Vegas-based comedian Don Barnhart and his Battle Comics have been entertaining the troops since 1992 and the importance of what they do is captured in the new documentary I Am Battle Comic by comedian/director...
With all the bad publicity that United has had, celebrities continue to poke fun at the situation. DJ Quik and Hi-C went as far as creating a dramatization of the incident for a few laughs.
Cobblestone Elementary School located in Plumas Lake, California, invites you to their first Annual Family Dinner Fun Night next Friday. The dinner is all-you-can-eat pasta, plus you will be entertained by Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion with his...
MINDEN, Nev. - March 7, 2017 - -- Waterloo Regional Pictures Entertainment are proud to present the latest written work from lighthearted author Dwight J. Sernoskie with Hamster Davies – A Life of Continual Dysfunction, currently circulated on Amazon...
Appearing nightly at 10:30pm, this is comedy the way it's meant to be - live and uncensored! With no restrictions on language or content, Jokesters on Fremont St. in downtown Las Vegas presents the top local and national comedy talent.
Offers "Deconstructed Wine", "Curry Lemonade" and "Skewered PopTarts with Sausage". You'll never guess what happens next....
In "Groganzola! Princess Noodle Head and the Sex Zombies from Earth", author Ard Falten wraps a timely science fiction comedy around a theory blaming centuries of authoritarianism on an ancient conspiracy to divert reproductive energy to the wrong side...
Kevin Farley, comedic partner and brother of the late Chris Farley (Saturday Night Live), performs in Houston Thursday and Friday 12/22-23
The author of "Miserable Holiday Stories" tells a true, coming-of-age story set in the breakneck world of 1980s stand-up comedy.
Science fiction novel expands on the theory that humans have been learning sex with the wrong hand, cursing societies for centuries with fear, greed, and ignorance. Due to anatomical differences, the effect is worse for men.
"To Doobie or Not Doobie", A struggling Actor with Bipolar's Wild Adventure.
The CD entitled WTF and Other Shit - A Conversation With An Asshole featuring original materials by The Canadian Comedian & DJ is hitting virtual store shelves Monday. With decades of performing live in Canada and the USA, this is his first CD.
Denver Locals Announce Release of Second Episode of "The Nug Nation" -- "The Debate"
Denver Locals Announce Release of Second Episode of "The Nug Nation" -- "The Debate"