Fantasy News

BOSTON - -- Shane Boulware Promotes His Urban Fantasy Thriller - Soulstealer Author Shane Boulware is pleased to announce the promotion of his debut urban fantasy thriller, Soulstealer. The audiobook won "Best Audiobook Narrator" for MLC Awards, Summer...
"Did we win the battle?" asked King Wyndham. "Well it depends how you define winning," answered Longfield, one of the King's royal commanders. So starts The Magic Fix, a satirical tale with a cast of mythical characters, by author Mark Montanaro.
DALLAS - -- R.L. Dean Releases New Sci-fi Fantasy Collection - Blood of the Prince: Omnibus Author R.L. Dean is pleased to announce the release of his new science fiction fantasy Blood of the Prince: Omnibus. An orphan discovers he can wield ancient...
Dealing with supernatural threats to Her Majesty's realm is the purview of HM OWG. You would be surprised to know how many operatives they have throughout the UK. The Eye Collectors is the story of one perfidious case from the Cardiff office.
Father/Daughter authors ready to share epic bedtime storybook adventure with the world, challenging old stereotypes and proving that anyone, no matter who they are, can be a hero.
Alternate history, As Ants to the Gods, challenges some orthodoxies and assumptions of Western culture. For adults only, certainly not the faint-hearted or easily shocked, it is a ribald and irreverent exploration of a world that could have been.
Brock Deskins releases a new and final chapter to the wildly popular fantasy series, The Sorcerer's Path.
"Only a war wizard can do it. You, Shaz, are the war wizard." - Don't miss the Action Adventure Fantasy Novel!
ATLANTA - -- Epic Fantasy - Chaos: Worlds Beyond by Author C.W. Holcomb Author C.W. Holcomb is pleased to announce the promotion of epic fantasy, Chaos: Worlds Beyond. For fans of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, and Raymond. E. Feist. Amid the power struggle..