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Page-Turning Short Story Torn from the Pages of Pastor Grant's Own Daily Journal
PAWTUCKET, R.I. - -- Gregory Hastings is the ultimate bigot. After spending most of his life looking down upon anyone who was not like himself, whether it be because of skin color, profession, financial standing or education level, he rises to become...
The exotic, provocative sequel to her first book Franco and Anna Gennusa: Their Journey, brings newly widowed Anna and her six daughters to their hostile new home - New York City.
SALT LAKE CITY - -- Utah Author Michael Wojciechowski Releases New Novel – Vicarious Vacations Author Michael Wojciechowski is pleased to announce the release of his new novel, Vicarious Vacations. A cautionary tale highlighting the unintended...
NEWPORT, R.I. - -- Realizing that he has little or no life experience, Hopkin's protagonist Whistle has no idea where he will go or where he might end up. But that doesn't stop him from venturing out on his own—and encountering a number of engaging...
An incompetent thief, a hopeless bartender, a dead stranger, and a lonely tourist.
A new release that joins the ranks of previous award-winning works