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A desperate need to help. A past that can't be forgotten. Can one selfless woman save the lives of those unable to save their own?
HOUSTON - -- Vanessa M. Chattman was born in Newark, NJ. Her family moved to East Orange, NJ a few years later. She graduated from Clifford J. Scott High School in 1989. She joined the US Army in 1990 served on Active Duty for four years and ten months...
WARMINSTER, Pa. - -- Kayla Brissi, the owner of Kayla Brissi LLC and founder of Domination Digital Marketing™, is proud to announce the book release of Anthony's Way, I AM ME! a children's book written by Lisa Ciao and illustrated by Mike Ferrin on...
Once Upon a Time in Hell, Start reading this Historical Women's Fiction
"A story of perseverance...An inspiring, lively read." —Midwest Book Review
Hidalgo Heights brings to light those dinner table conversations that are never revisited and the struggle with defining 'proper' cultural identity.
Conspiracy Theories and Supernatural Legends Create a Contemporary Story of Fear and Prejudice
Kate is dying. Before she goes, she wants her closest friends to have peace and hope.