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ODeX India Solutions have announced being amongst the first in the world to launch a BlockChain based eKYC Platform for the Shipping Industry.
TK'Blue conducted a survey of its customers on the effectiveness of its platform in mid-2018. The findings reveal that almost a third of respondents have lowered their transport costs as a result of using TK'Blue's platform.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Sept. 11, 2018 - -- CLN Worldwide officially announces the hire of their marketing specialist, Leah Barrier. The addition of Leah places emphasis on digital marketing and sales in a permanent and scalable role. She will work directly...
"Peer Insights Report" sits down with Garrett Van Wagoner, General Partner at Van Wagoner Ventures, LLC to talk about his career and his new fund in venture capital, Van Wagoner Ventures Fund II, from the genesis of the "Next Big Thing" to how he expects
Garrett Van Wagoner today announced the marketing of the Firm's third Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) LP vehicle, Van Wagoner Ventures SPV III in the mobility connected space. This follows the first two successful SPV LP's with outstanding returns and a com
Garrett Van Wagoner, Managing Director of Van Wagoner Ventures discusses Creating returns investing in Connected Mobility and Electrification are creating the Smart Grid of the Future
Forbes San Francisco Business Council is an Invitation-Only Community for Business Leaders
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Aug. 24, 2018 - -- Roughly $16 billion of Chinese imports were impacted on Thursday, August 23rd, and subject to an additional 25% tariff increase according to the list officially released by The Office of the United States Trade...
Each year, several hundred new interns, apprentices and students from all over the world start their training at family-owned logistics company, Dachser. In the US, Dachser USA Air & Sea Logistics offers internships to college students as a
The fast-growing talent management company is ranked 1707 out of 5000 companies.
The fast-growing talent management company is ranked 1707 out of 5000 companies.