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A struggling minor league baseball pitcher is suddenly unhittable. But why?
A great YA book for a diverse audience with relatable characters from all backgrounds and walks of life. The plot is intricate and exciting, and the themes are universal.
Chris Throckmorton races a killer to find a treasure hidden by Throckmorton's great-grandfather.
LONG ISLAND, N.Y. - -- Author, Kristi Strong is thrilled to share her debut novel, Balloon Days. She was born and raised in Long Island, NY and considers herself to be the human version of her dog; her exceptionally weird and affectionate rat terrier...
An uplifting, focused book for abuse survivors on overcoming denial, the cornerstone and entry point of recovery from abuse.
"Soul Food" is the perfect book to kick off the year on a positive note. The book's uplifting and inspiring stories provide a sense of hope and optimism as readers begin a new chapter in their lives.
A gripping piece of contemporary fiction, much in the vein of "To Kill a Mockingbird."
JeCobi Swain is definitely one to watch as he has yet another hit show out, "My Dad The Bounty Hunter" streaming now on Netflix.
AUSTIN, Texas - -- Today, Pandamoon Publishing has released hi-tech murder mystery, TO KILL A UNICORN. Set in Silicon Valley, the story is about Süpr Düpr, a high-flying start-up with a billion-dollar valuation, a "unicorn" in investment parlance, but...
A first-rate crime thriller with a supernatural twist, one that taps into everyone's belief that they're destined to leave their mark on the world. If only they will believe.
Author/Activist Homa Pourasgari brings awareness to issues surrounding the treatment of dolphins through her latest novel, The American Outsider, amid the current dolphin hunting season in Tajii, Japan.