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BYOB Revolt is a movement about self empowerment in the workplace for all professionals. Unlike other professional development tools, BYOB Revolt provides tangible takeaways, goal setting standards with specific metrics for measurement and timelines for p
New Book Release: "8 Ways to Declutter Your Brain" Clear Your Mind of Distractions to be Successful and Happy Today
"How To Get Better At Things You Don't Think You're Bad At By 2020" - Written By Jose Franco
TOOELE, Utah - -- CREATING YOU INC: DEFINE YOU FIRST is one of the most POWERFUL guidebooks ever published. It provides you with the knowledge and tools to discover, define, and begin now to become who you yearn most in your soul to be. Your new vision...
The Healing of the Masculine and Feminine- How to Truly Change the World From the Inside, Out
From author Mirav Tarkka and 21 co-authors and specialists from all over the world.
Optimize and enrich your life with an exquisite collection of poems that probe deep into what it means to be human and to awaken to our highest potential.
Duncan Trussell: "A cross between Aleister Crowley and Alan Watts." David Lynch: "Mitch is solid gold."
Like it or not, most of the population, some say as high as 97%, feel they cannot achieve the things they want to.
#1 Bestseller in UK, US, France, Australia, Canada and Germany