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Binge and Sprint: From Endless Cake to Recovery. Written by Naomi Joseph

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A highly reflective, personal, and honest view on binge eating, which affects 2.8 million people in America alone . . . and that is just the people not in hiding!

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Have you ever stood at the kitchen counter urgently devouring insane amounts of frozen, stale hot dog buns dipped alternatively in jelly and almond butter, while on high alert for approaching humans? After a lifetime of getting knocked to the ground by the same opponent, a Dark Voice, and then rising repeatedly while praying for a way out, Naomi Joseph wrote the rules of "Binge and Sprint:" Use cake as fortitude to steel yourself to plow ahead, and then keep moving, keep achieving, and never ever let the world see your suffering. Poignant and hilarious, Joseph's journey will help the reader claim their power, and lean into their greatness as they incorporate the many lessons that brought her to recovery into their own lives.
About the Author
Naomi Joseph received a Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from Teachers College, Columbia University and is currently in the thick of her 23 year career helping children with feeding and swallowing disorders. She is also currently at the top level of a health and wellness Network Marketing Company where she continues to grow her business, and help so many others grow theirs. Naomi is overjoyed at being able to share her forty year binge eating journey, and coming out the other side living a healthier life, with whomever can benefit from her experience. Her goal is to touch as many souls as possible, and give them all the healing her story, examples, and advice can provide. She has been married to her husband since 1992, sharing the bond of both being "the chubby kid" on their first date. They reside on Long Island with their three children.

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Praise for Binge and Sprint
"Readers will find Naomi's journey about her battle with food, and compulsive worker-bee behavior to be emotionally profound and engrossing. It is a page-turner as Naomi addresses you "dear reader" you are drawn into her struggles with a "dark voice" in her head, that she is not good enough! It is chock full of Jewish witticisms and quotes from the Torah. .... A must-read!"— Dr. Ellen Schor Haimoff, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Director of the Associates for Bulemia and RelatedDisorders in Manhattan, author of Introduction to Why are they Starving Themselves? by Elaine Landau
For more information, head to: https://writelife.com/binge-and-sprint-by-naomi-joseph/

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