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BrainKraft and career.pm Announce Product Launch Partnership

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The Partnership Addresses the Systemic Problem of Product Launch Failures for Product Managers

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. & HEIDELBERG, Germany - s4story -- Today career.pm and BrainKraft announced a partnership to help product managers fix the long-standing problem of poor product launch performance.

The Product Launch Dilemma

The 2019 Annual Product Management and Product Marketing Survey conducted by Pragmatic Institute found that 67% of product managers and 84% of product marketing managers are responsible for product launch planning.

Yet, over 50% of product launches are considered failures according to Gartner.

"If we are going to fix the product launch problem, it must be attacked on two fronts," said BrainKraft Founder Dave Daniels. "One front is product management and the other front is product marketing. I'm excited to partner with career.pm to focus on the product management front."

The partnership between career.pm and BrainKraft seeks to address the problem of failed product launches through professional development and coaching using the BrainKraft Product Launch System.

Greg Prickril, Co-founder of career.pm adds, "Our community of product managers tend to know far too little about the planning required for a successful launch. Whether they are engaging with marketing or driving the launch themselves, we see a lack of planning and structure as the biggest challenge product managers face with respect to this critical activity."

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BrainKraft Product Launch System

The BrainKraft Product Launch System delivers structure with the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework, learning with the BrainKraft Product Launch Boot Camp, coaching, and implementation assistance. The mission of the BrainKraft Product Launch System is to help customers implement a product launch process that is consistent and produces expected results.

Special career.pm Discount

To celebrate this partnership career.pm and BrainKraft are offering exclusive discounts to career.pm members. Members can learn more about the discount at www.career.pm/discounts or by contacting career.pm at greg@career.pm.

About career.pm

career.pm is a professional development platform that helps product managers, product leaders, and those who aspire to be, accelerate their career growth using product management theory and practice.

About BrainKraft

BrainKraft delivers a comprehensive product launch system that ensures consistent and expected product launch results.

About the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework

The BrainKraft Product Launch Framework delivers the structure and flow required for planning and executing a remarkable product launch. Unlike approaches that focus only on product promotion, the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework looks at the entire business from defining launch objectives to monitoring launch performance.

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BrainKraft, the BrainKraft logos, BrainKraft Product Launch Framework, and BrainKraft Product Launch Boot Camp are trademarks of BrainKraft LLC. career.pm is a trademark of career. pm.



Contact details:

Dave Daniels - dave@brainkraft.com

Greg Prickril - greg@career.pm

External links:

BrainKraft homepage - www.brainkraft.com

BrainKraft Product Launch Framework - www.brainkraft.com/product-launch-framework

BrainKraft Product Launch Boot Camp - www.brainkraft.com/product-launch-boot-camp

career.pm homepage - www.career.pm

career.pm courses - www.career.pm/courses

career.pm coaching - www.career.pm/coaching

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David Daniels (BrainKraft)
Greg Prickril (career.pm)

Source: BrainKraft LLC and career.pm
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