Can I Get Lice From An Airplane Seat?

Lice Expert Reveals The Surprising Answer & How To Protect Yourself

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - Sept. 3, 2017 - s4story -- The short answer: not likely at all. Lice is spread head to head, hair to hair. Lice ONLY want to be on a scalp (where they feed on blood, like a mosquito). If they are off a scalp, they are probably dead or dying. "We get asked that question all the time in my lice removal salon," says lice expert Pam Skinner, owner of Picky Pam at the Beach, in Huntington Beach, CA. "We have had over 25,000 people in my salon, over the last 5 years. OTC lice shampoos no longer work, and our business is exploding! We have our own product line of all natural effective products called SuperLice Solutions." However, if you are still worried about lice while flying, here is a trick: put a small sticky lint roller in your purse or briefcase, and 'roll the headrest'. There is also a SuperLice Solution Prevention Spray for $15. As long as no one is resting their head against your head, you are good. Have a glass of wine and enjoy the flight! For more info about starting a homebased lice business, or a head lice removal salon, go to: http://www.SchoolOfLice.com

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Millie Starks

Source: School Of Lice

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