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Chemo Hats Launches Canada's First Boutique Oncology eComm Store For Mastectomy Bras, Forms & Wigs

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia - s4story -- Vancouver, BC – Chemo Hats will launch a boutique oncology eCommerce website devoted to providing the best mastectomy bras, forms, and wig products for women before, during, and after cancer treatments.

Owner and founder Taryn Bell says, "We are excited to launch ChemoHats.ca and help women feel beautiful during a time that is so difficult for them. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, reconstruction rates rose from 46% of women having mastectomies in 1998 to 63% in 2007. The number of women choosing to have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy has been steadily increasing, yet we don't see a growing supply to support them."

As Canada's only boutique oncology store for women, ChemoHats.ca will offer a wide selection of products for women undergoing cancer treatment, including mastectomy bras, head covers, wigs, breast forms, swimwear & more.

A good mastectomy bra is designed with comfort, security, and femininity in mind. Post-mastectomy (or simply mastectomy) bras resemble regular bras, but they have spandex stretch pockets on the inside which help hold and keep the breast prosthesis in place. They have soft inner linings, which prevent pain or skin sensitivity on healing incisions or scars. Some post-mastectomy bras come equipped with pockets to accommodate surgical drains as well. Padded bras can help provide shape, even out the silhouette, and give the bust a fuller look. The straps on a mastectomy bra are often wider than those on a standard bra, which is more comfortable for most women.

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Breast forms are designed to help mimic the shape of breasts that may have been removed during a mastectomy surgery. Silicone breast forms or breast forms made of lighter materials will fit into pocketed bras to ensure a look that appears more natural under clothing. A lightweight breast prosthesis (polyfill or foam) is recommended when one is recovering from surgery because it's most comfortable. It also feels good during warm weather and swimming and can be machine-washed. Most lightweight breast prostheses can be worn in chlorinated or salt water.

Bell also shared, "I know how important it is to feel good about yourself during this difficult time, and Chemo Hats will provide a shopping experience that helps women through this process."

Chemo Hats (https://www.chemohats.ca) is dedicated to helping women look and feel beautiful before, during, and after their treatment. Their products have been sourced from all over the world and in Canada and have been tested and sold in their store for the last two decades.

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