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Yetti Boys. A book to brings families together. Daniel has written the Yetti Boys so that families can grow closer together my reading.

SALT LAKE CITY - s4story -- Love your children by reading a book with them. Yetti Boys, a science fiction book for the whole family.

19% of high school students can't read. 85% of children that interface with the juvenile courts can't read. 14% of adults can't read. 70% of adults in prison can not read above a fourth-grade level. The solution to fix this ratio is for families to read together. Reading saves lives and families.

Children look to their parents' example early in life. If a parent does not read a child is less likely to read. This reduces a child's chances to get a job and increases their chance to end up in prison. If parents do not encourage their children to read, then the number of illiterate children in this country will increase each year.

Author Daniel Forbes has written "Yetti Boys" as a book for all members of the family to enjoy reading together. Books have always been an important part of Daniel's life. Books opened doors to many opportunities that he would not have had if he had not been literate. He believes that reading with your children can reverse the collapse of the family we have been seen in recent decades.

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Daniel expressed the idea that learning to read can reduce our prison population, increase job, and education opportunities. Reading can also bring families out of poverty, give hope to those that have none, and opportunities to those that once had none.

Reading is the most important part of the American Education System. Without reading, America will fall behind the rest of the world. We will become a nation of beggars looking for hand out.

Make our families strong by reading. Give our children all that we can by reading with them.

Statistics from the US Department of Justice, and the US Department of Education.


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