Does a Global Economic Crisis Loom at the World's Shipping Ports?

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The Baltimore Bridge Tragedy May be Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Discover the history behind the shipping industry, how it brought the world's economies together, and how disasters and bad actors might just pull it all apart in AMERICA BOXED IN.

POMPTON PLAINS, N.J. - s4story -- The new film America Boxed In  explores a world where globalization reigns supreme. The connectivity that defines the 21st century has created a world landscape where profound strategic, economic, and political shifts loom on the global horizon.

Primarily taken for granted, recent events have brought the geopolitical importance of shipping into sharper focus. From the 2015 Tianjin explosions to the ongoing supply chain shortage, and last month's destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland, to the current Middle East tensions with Iran seizing an Israeli container ship, the impact of shipping is a factor continuing to unfold in real time.

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At the heart of this is the shipping container itself. What are its origins, and how did something so simple and direct in its purpose become a metaphor for where America finds itself today? America Boxed In charts the history of this humble receptacle that's revolutionized international trade, while also inadvertently facilitating criminal and terrorist activities, exacerbating tensions between populists and globalists, and shifting the paradigm between the world's powers.

Among the themes it tackles, America Boxed In highlights how the intermodal container supercharged China's global influence and helped them redraw the economic and political map. It has also put a stunning number of unprecedented threats in the global spotlight. From the dispersion of global power to the toxic divisions in political systems to the meteoric rise of China - this simple steel box is dramatically changing every aspect of our globalized world.

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America Boxed In is a film for our times, ripped from today's headlines, and a sobering look at how the world's economic stability hangs in the balance. Just consider the impact the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore will have:
  • 8,000 + jobs are directly tied to the Port
  • The Port produces $2 Million in wages each day.
  • 52.3 million tons of foreign cargo worth $80 Billion + passed through it last year
  • $100-$200 Million dollars in goods pass it through on a daily basis.
  • The Port is the largest Automobile and Farm Equipment import center on the East Coast
The bridge collapse compromising one of America's most important shipping ports will have an enormous ripple impact on the cost of everything for years to come.

With not just everyone's daily lives affected by the shipping container, but the entire world economy, America Boxed In, from Bayview Entertainment, is a documentary no one can afford to miss! Look for it streaming on VOD platforms beginning June 25, 2024.

Source: Bayview Entertainment LLC

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