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Embracing Menopause At Work Workshop:

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Join Mr. Menopause, Tafiq Akhir, in embracing menopause awareness and support at work, and learn how you can pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive environment in your workplace

LOS ANGELES - s4story -- Embracing Menopause At Work Workshop:

How To Cultivate An Inclusive & Productive Workplace

Mr. Menopause® is excited to announce a transformative workshop titled "Embracing Menopause At Work: How To Cultivate An Inclusive & Productive Workplace." This educational event aims to shed light on the often-overlooked and misunderstood topic of menopause in the workplace, showcasing how companies can effectively support their employees while breaking stigmas, fostering inclusivity, and ultimately boosting productivity.

Menopause is a significant stage of life that impacts millions of working women and men worldwide, but it remains a subject often shrouded in silence and misunderstanding. This workshop will address the knowledge gap by providing insights and strategies for creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace environment for all employees.

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Event Details:

Date: Oct 5, 2023

Time: 11:30 am PST

Location: (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

Registration: https://www.tafiq.com/menopause-workplace-workshop

Key Highlights of the Workshop:
  • Understanding Menopause: Gain insights into the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of menopause and its impact on employees.
  • Best Practices for Employers: Discover how companies like Bank of America, Adobe, and Bristol-Myers Squibb are providing menopause support for their companies. How to implement supportive policies, including flexible work arrangements, employee education programs, and wellness initiatives.
  • Breaking Stigmas: Explore ways to break the stigma surrounding menopause in the workplace and promote open dialogue.
  • Fostering Inclusivity: Learn how to create a workplace culture that supports employees navigating menopause and ensures that all employees feel valued and included.
  • Boosting Productivity: Understand how addressing menopause-related challenges can lead to increased productivity and employee engagement.
  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in interactive discussions, like Ask Mr. Menopause Q&A.

This workshop is designed to align with Tafiq's mission to create more inclusive and equitable work environments that benefit employees and employers alike.

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Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for embracing menopause at work. Register today at: https://www.tafiq.com/menopause-workplace-workshop

About Mr. Menopause® | Tafiq's Physiques LLC

Tafiq Akhir, aka Mr. Menopause, is a healthy aging advocate who is on a mission to improve health and vitality through menopause awareness, providing support, and building community.

He has dedicated the past 23 years to women's health and providing proven fact-based coaching and resources to help with hormones, health, and fat loss

Tafiq is an award-winning licensed menopause expert and menopause awareness specialist. Author of Making Menopause Work In The Workplace, Speaker, and host of The Mr. Menopause Show and podcast.

For media inquiries, please contact tafiq@tafiq.com or at 323-423-3287

Tafiq Akhir

Source: Tafiq's Physiques

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