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Find your treasure in your trouble

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LONDON - s4story -- Would you like to find a treasure? Who wouldn't, right? But in your life, you might find yourself struggling a lot instead of that. The worst moments of struggling are when you see others, especially those on social media, who appear to have great and amazing lives. But, what if I tell you, that if you struggle it is a good thing? That there is an amazing treasure hidden in it? How is that? Let us check this together.

What is with all troubles and misery?

Ever wonder why bad days are happening to you? Why you can't have an easy and happy life all the time? When do you see others having it this way? Enjoying their lives. Living better without any troubles and stresses. Or at least it looks like this when you see their social profiles. Is it like this really? Are those people really have so nice and untroubled lives, as shown in the pictures? Well, live them be. Let you focus on yourself and your life, instead.

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I would like to introduce you to some losers from history. People who were perceived by others as dreamers and lunatics. Whos were seen as defective and unable to achieve anything. The first one is Thomas Edison. Wait, what? Yes, Edison failed more than 10 000 times before he succeeded and invented the working light bulb. It is also said that Edison had difficulties in school. Yet, he is a well-known inventor of many devices or part of the devices we are using in our times... Read more -> https://rjchomik.com/find-your-treasure-in-your-trouble/

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