Into the Light is the First in DeFazio's Thrilling Spin-Off Series of the Last Chance Noir Novel

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Into the Light, released on June 26, is the first in Chris DeFazio's thrilling Dave Richards Mystery series.

s4story -- This gripping tale showcases Chris DeFazio's love and first-hand knowledge of the NOLA area and its customs, lending an overwhelming sense of authenticity to the mystery and characters of the story. As a result, readers will feel as though they were an integral part of the sleuthing adventure, helping the main character as he faces off against the Angel of Death.

Into the Light is a classic PI detective story with a dislocated northerner trying to find a new home and redemption in New Orleans. He experiences various culture clashes and runs into numerous colorful characters and surroundings while on a case that puts him in the middle of a hunt for a deadly serial killer. Though this exciting mystery series can grab older readers who enjoy books by Mickey Spillane or Elmore Leonard, younger readers who enjoy exhilarating private detective adventures, or who are generally interested in crime and mysteries will find themselves reading this book at a record pace.

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Chris DeFazio not only provides enough twists and turns to keep suspense lovers interested, the focus on the characters themselves, especially the plight of the main character, keeps the story grounded and compelling. When talking about Into the Light, Chris DeFazio explains that it contains, "[s]trong dialogue and plenty of twists. Extremely fast-paced. No plot holes in the story line and no unfair mysteries. Great NOLA characters and surroundings creating a culture clash for the main character who has to navigate his way through a nasty case as he fights for a new home, acceptance, and maybe even redemption."

Into the Light follows Dave Richards, formally known as Peter "Richie" Ricciardi, about two years after the events of Last Chance, as he tries his luck as a PI in the town of NOLA. While everyone still calls him Richie, his new PI business is struggling. The locals don't trust him. The cops can't stand him, especially after making a few "cultural" mistakes. The only cases he gets are two-bit at best. Even after Eugene Villere, a NOLA detective, sends his cousin, Lily, to work for Richie as his new secretary to better acclimate him to the town, all Richie can do is sit back and watch as his PI business spirals down the drain. He's resigned to closing up shop and moving on when he finally lands his big case, a case that sees more and more people disappearing before Richie's eyes. But the thing is, as experienced as Richie is, this big case might end up being just big enough to kill him; especially given that his opponent is the Angel of Death.

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