Learn AI and ChatGPT for Free! Beginner Course Available on Udemy for a Limited Time

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Take advantage of the limited-time offer and unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT with K.D. Wright, B.S., A.S. in a free Udemy course for beginners.

NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES - s4story -- K.D. Wright, B.S., A.S., a tech evangelist and Udemy instructor, has announced a beginner course on AI and ChatGPT called "Learn Artificial Intelligence, AI, ChatGPT for Beginners". The course will teach students how to utilize AI and ChatGPT to enhance their productivity and personal development.

The course is available for a limited time, free for the first 1,000 students who sign up using this referral link (https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-artificial-intelligence-ai-chat-gpt-for-beginners/?couponCode=7E6DA240AD22D2C3B081), with a discounted price available if the free slots have already been taken. Both promotions expire 02/19/2023 7:19 AM PST (GMT -8).

Students will learn how to create an account with OpenAI, and interact with ChatGPT, an AI program that can generate ideas and content, edit text, solve business problems, and provide exam answers.

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The course is broken down into 18 sections, which include finding information about OpenAI, the limitations of ChatGPT, using ChatGPT for research citations and to generate HTML code, and asking ChatGPT to rewrite content for different contexts. Students will also learn how to use ChatGPT to enhance productivity by making difficult text easier to understand, and by generating ideas and content quickly.

The course will also cover how to ensure the information provided by ChatGPT is accurate, and how to use it to solve business problems. For example, students will learn how to ask ChatGPT for statistical verification, how to write new content with a narrower focus, and how to generate a simplified solution in plain language.

K.D. Wright, the instructor of the course, is a tech-savvy early adopter with an impressive educational background, including a BS in Management from Penn State University, an AS in Computer Programming from Keiser University, and a CAM in Advanced Management from Babson College. He is passionate about spreading the word about new technologies to non-technical people.

In addition to the course, students will receive a bonus class on the fun CatGPT app, for cat lovers who want to explore its capabilities.

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Wright said, "Artificial Intelligence is the future, and everyone should have access to this technology. That's why I created this course, to help everyone get up to speed with AI and ChatGPT. With the power of ChatGPT, we can enhance productivity and personal development, and this course is the first step towards achieving that goal."

To keep up with future developments in AI and ChatGPT, the course will also provide an overview of the advancements in the field and the importance of staying up to date with these technologies.

This limited-time offer is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in AI and ChatGPT to get a free beginner's course from a knowledgeable and experienced guide. The discounted price can be found using this link (https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-artificial-intelligence-ai-chat-gpt-for-beginners/?couponCode=8BD7397CB053809A99D4).

The official link to the course is: https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-artificial-intelligence-ai-chat-gpt-for-beginners/?referralCode=D6C83D3E3001EADBC85B.

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