New Book "How To Be Successful In Life" Published By Former News Reporter - Consultant

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"How To Be Successful In Life" explains how readers can "Discover and use your Unique Success Power for maximum results." Based on the author's 40 years experience as a news reporter and success consultant for businesses and individuals.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - s4story -- "How To Be Successful In Life" is the title of a new book published by Charlotte success consultant and former news reporter E. W. "Buck" Lawrimore, available on as an ebook (Kindle), paperback and hardcover.

"This book includes the most valuable, practical lessons I have learned in my entire life, especially in my 40 years as a news reporter and success consultant to organizations and individuals," Lawrimore said. "I have enjoyed helping hundreds of businesses and people achieve greater success. In the process I've also studied thousands of books and articles about how to be more successful. This book includes 'the best of the best' of what I have learned through real-world experience works for real people."

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The unique focus of the book is stated in its subtitle: "Discover And Use Your Unique Success Power For Maximum Results," Lawrimore explained. "Unique success power is your unique combination of personality, talents, skills, abilities, knowledge, beliefs and actions that make you one-of-a-kind in the entire world.

"Most popular success books are written by extraordinary people who became world-famous multi-millionaires, or suggest unlikely methods like 'Think and Grow Rich,' he added. "They state or imply, 'Do what I did and you can be successful like me.' The problem is, most readers are not like them and will find following in their footsteps to be frustrating and disappointing."

Instead, Lawrimore's practical approach advocates what he calls "real success for real people."

"Real success comes when someone understands their unique success power and focuses it like a laser on achievable visions and goals, then takes action every day to move ahead. My book explains how anyone can do this."

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The book includes:
  • How anyone can discover and use their Unique Success Power to be more successful - their combination of personality, knowledge, talents, skills and abilities - and not try to copycat other people in the process
  • Links to free online tools to analyze their personality, character, strengths and more
  • A free self-assessment of strengths and needs inside the book
  • A detailed process for achieving success, step by step
  • A whole chapter on success in daily life, how to be more successful every day
  • Many other valuable, practical success tips and strategies - more than 270 pages overall, plus an extensive bibliography
For more information on the new book, visit or contact the author through

Buck Lawrimore

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