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New Book Tells Why the 2022 Midterms Are the Most Important Since 1862

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"If we don't do that it's going to be a sad, sad two years. Think about Republicans if they controlled the Congress these last two years." That was the message from President Biden about the November 2022 Midterms. Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson in his in-depth, well-researched, fine politically tuned new book The Midterms Why They Are So Important and So Ignored tells why Biden is right and worried.

"The 2022 Midterms," says Hutchinson, "is the most important since 1862. That midterm election decided the political fate of Lincoln, the American political process, and the nation during the Civil War."

Yet, given the outsized importance past and present of the midterms in determining the shape and direction of the country, why have millions of voters taken them so lightly, if not outright ignored them? The evidence for this is the repeat pattern of the low to sometimes abysmal voter turnout in the midterms, particularly among Black, Hispanic, and young voters.

Hutchinson observes, "There are legions of books that examine the presidential elections, and the issues, the personalities, and the pitched battles the presidential candidates and their parties have fought during those elections. However, in my extensive research on the rich and checkered history, enormous political impact, and colossal struggles political parties have waged over the midterms, I was struck by the near nonexistence of any books examining the midterm's tremendous importance to the political shape of the country. "

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The Midterms Why They Are So Important and So Ignored provides a revealing, in-depth examination of why the midterm elections for Congress, as well as tens of thousands of state and local offices, are so important to both parties. Hutchinson assesses the issues such as the chronic low turnout of voters, especially Black, Hispanic, and young voters, and the resultant deepening political polarization. He details why the GOP has had phenomenal success in mobilizing and energizing its voters for the midterms. "

The Midterms Why They are so Important and so Ignored offers fresh insights into a part of the American political process that has meant so much to the governance of the country. But at the same time has received so little public attention and so little overall voter participation and interest. So little that it represents an embarrassing stain on our democracy.


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