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A new website app can save users thousands of dollars by simply keeping track of unknown Life Insurance Policies plus much more

InsureYouKnow InsureYouKnow.org
Insure You Know dot Org's APP creates a powerful tool to help stop billions of dollars of life insurance policy benefits from going unpaid. Major news outlets report that
courts recently forced 25 of the nation's biggest life insurance companies to pay more than $7.5 billion in back-death benefits that largely went unpaid because beneficiaries did not know the policies existed.

AUSTIN, Texas - June 28, 2016 - s4story -- InsureYouKnow.Org stores and updates life's critical information, saving a person days, weeks, months and possibly years of chasing down information like insurance policies, banking and retirement account information.

Founder Gerry Acuna, referring to a recent 60 Minutes investigation, says, "Audits of some well-known life insurance companies reveal that many beneficiaries go unpaid simply because beneficiaries are not aware of the policies. And because of this, the life insurance company does not have to pay if they are not notified by the beneficiary - we're talking about billions of dollars in unpaid benefits."

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InsureYouKnow.Org also records Deeds, Last Will and Testaments, Employment Contracts, Medical/Health Information, Pre-Nuptial Agreements and that's just for starters. InsureYouKnow.org also sends you, and whomever you designate, monthly update reminders.

InsureYouKnow.Orgs' encrypted site provides a safe and secure place for storing all of your critical time sensitive information that can assist your family, friends, caretakers or executor in meeting your needs at a critical moment.

InsureYouKnow.Org does not ask for your Social Security Number nor does it need complete account numbers. Any Documents you upload (such as Driver's License, Passport, Last Will and Testament, Pre-Nuptial Agreement, Deeds, etc.) are password encrypted and the password is not known to the site. Only you, or someone you share your password with, can gain access.

Some InsureYouKnow.Org special features allow our users to locate the least expensive prescription drug prices in your area, find the lowest price medical procedures within a geographical area and provide you with a daily financial portfolio update to track your retirement.

InsureYouKnow.org / Gerry Acuna, Partner
Telephone : 1- 800-282-4092 or 512-694-0667

Source: Insure You Know

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