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Nextech Becomes Preferred Employer Partner For Remington College

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Nextech is excited to announce an official partnership with Remington College – a nonprofit college headquartered in Dallas, TX as a preferred employer partner.

DALLAS - s4story -- Nextech is excited to announce an official partnership with Remington College – a nonprofit college headquartered in Dallas, TX as a preferred employer partner.1

Nextech provides 24-hour nationwide HVAC/R services and employs nearly 2,000 self-performing technicians around the country.

Remington College offers HVAC programs at nine campuses in four states, so there are always qualified graduates ready to enter the field and provide professional service to customers in need.

The HVAC Diploma and Degree Programs at Remington College aim to prepare students for an entry-level position as an HVAC technician. The curriculum provides hands-on training and covers commercial HVAC systems, residential systems, commercial refrigeration systems, domestic appliances and cold-water AC, fundamental HVAC maintenance, and more.

water AC, fundamental HVAC maintenance, and more.

"Nextech is very excited about our preferred employer partnership with Remington College. Not only will this provide Nextech with top-quality HVAC/R Technicians after graduation, but we will also be working with Remington College to help their students prepare for the job market after graduation with in-class discussions, on-the-job experience with internships/Co-Ops, and real-life interviews.  This is a great partnership opportunity that will benefit both Nextech and Remington College by investing in the next generation of HVAC/R technicians." – Luis Orbegoso, Nextech Chief Executive Officer.

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The diploma program can be completed in as few as 12 months and the degree program can be completed in as few as 24 months. 2 Upon completion, students receive a diploma or Associate's Degree in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

"We are excited about our partnership with Nextech in an effort to connect our graduates with possible employment opportunities after graduation. Since Nextech provides HVAC services nationwide and Remington College offers HVAC degree and diploma programs in several states, it's a great fit for both organizations." – Brandon Shedron, President of Remington College.

About Remington College

Non-profit Remington College, headquartered in Dallas, TX, operates 11 college campuses throughout the United States offering career-focused diploma, bachelor's and associate degree programs in a variety of career fields. For more information, please visit remingtoncollege.edu (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001rFFrUJADTwRG53HPP32LI-2tYYatAP5xVH84KjbEqJIE__CMs_puLzyejMTdB7p6YA6lVgRsuIowugzFzQqq-VXAQOgkIwy60B4GT-i7Mry2YH8Eb7HrdVbQRmHO_SwjFhxxXMQhrJuBX5esY1UEY-XeccD8g1hbg5ag7DX1YeoMSaMcwT6pqg==&c=brOGoJe_nR2ITbenfzn5bNZvhdR3st...).

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About Nextech

Nextech is America's largest independent self-performing commercial HVAC/R service provider and continues to grow.
Nextech provides 24/7 nationwide service with directly employed self-performing technicians across the Continental U.S. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. Our 2,300+ employees are located nationwide and supported by 40+ regional offices.

To learn more about Nextech and its service offerings, please visit www.nextechna.com

Posted by Wellons Communications on behalf of Remington College.

Wellons Communications

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