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Proof in One Minute: Margaret Fuller was not the "star"

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Proof that scholars have been wrong about 19th-century Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller, presented in one minute

LITTLE RIVER, S.C. - s4story -- Evidence which clearly shows that 19th-century Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller was not, in fact, the sole author of the "star"-signed reviews, essays and reports in the 1844-46 New York "Tribune," as scholars believe, has been provided by independent researcher Stephen Sakellarios. Mr. Sakellarios has found multiple pieces of evidence indicating that Mathew Franklin Whittier, younger brother of poet John Greenleaf Whittier, was the real, anonymous author behind the "star"-signed series in the "Tribune" during this period, as well as all of the "F."-signed reviews in the Transcendentalist magazine, "The Dial," during the period when Fuller was its editor.

Researching this question for over a decade, Mr. Sakellarios has discovered that Margaret Fuller, the literary editor for the "Tribune," privately floated the rumor that she was the author of the "star"-signed series by casually mentioning it in correspondence to friends and family. She then took advantage of the reticence of the real author to go public, by acquiescing to the rumor of her own authorship which eventually developed. This fraud culminated in her publication of a compilation entitled "Letters on Literature and Art" in July of 1846 (just before she left for Europe), which contained eleven of Mathew's pieces.

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This video, which is only one minute long, is less ambitious. It simply provides one irrefutable piece of evidence proving that Fuller was not the author of at least one of the "star"-signed reviews. The video can be seen at the following URL on YouTube:


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Source: IAL Research/Stephen Sakellarios
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