The True Story of Dan Brown and the World's Greatest Literary Crime

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The Da Vinci Fraud by Jack Dunn and Jonathan Coad. The explosive True Story of how Dan Brown gained Fame and Fortune by plagiarizing Jack Dunn's book The Vatican Boys to write The Da Vinci Code

NEW YORK - s4story -- On a cold night in late 2005, author Jack Dunn received some devastating news: Dan Brown had stolen the story from his previous novel The Vatican Boys and used it to create his own worldwide bestseller, The Da Vinci Code.
Jack immediately read the book and the plagiarism was obvious. There were hundreds of clear similarities between the novels – and Jack's was published six years before Dan Brown's.
That night changed the course of Jack's life. He began an extraordinary fight for justice which would see him pushed to the depths of despair as he tried over and over again to prove his work had been taken and copied.

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The Da Vinci Fraud is Jack's story, his explosive true account of the greatest literary fraud in history and a book which will change forever the way the world sees one of the most successful writers of all time.

This reads like a mystery but In Fact it is a True Crime Story and most likely the 'Largest Literary Crime in History'.

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Find out the dark side of the international bestseller The Da Vinci Code. The true story of Dan Brown and the world's greatest literary crime.

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