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Well-Being and Equity (WE ) In The World Mobilizes Change for a More Economically and Racially Just Society

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WE in the World
"We are caught in an inescapable web of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny" Martin Luther King, Jr

NASHUA, N.H. - s4story -- The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr deeply inform and inspire the work of  Well-Being and Equity (WE) in the World, a diverse, global team of changemakers and thought leaders weaving together a movement to advance intergenerational well-being and equity on a foundation of racial and economic justice.

WE in the World's mission is to "build a world together where everyone can reach their full potential for health and life and contribute to that of others, freed from systemic injustice." This multiracial organization recognizes the fundamental need for change in the way we think and act and is working with changemakers around the world to show that real change is possible.

WE in the World begins with the understanding that we need each other–and the talents and gifts of those experiencing inequities–to create a better world.  "We tend to blame or help those who are poor," says Dr. Somava Saha, president and chief executive officer, WE in the World."We rarely see the possibility and contribution of communities who experience racial, economic, place-based and other inequities.  We believe that  the liberation of human potential in communities experiencing inequities holds the key to our collective well-being and abundance."

Since its inception three years ago, WE  in the World has accomplished the following milestones:
  • Brought together 500+ partners at the local and national levels
  • Created 5,000 jobs in communities of color and communities experiencing poverty
  • Raised $27 million and put it in the hands of trusted messengers in communities that were hit hard by the economic and health impacts of the pandemic, who in turn helped 372,344 people  get connected to their basic needs for health and well-being
  • Advanced five frameworks and tools to strengthen well-being, racial justice, health equity, an equitable economy, and equitable measurement that are in use across hundreds of communities across the nation

WE in the World is bringing real change to communities of color through the following initiatives.

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Communities RISE Together:

The RISE (Reach, Immunizations, System Change for Equity) organization recognizes how the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated existing issues of inequity, disproportionately affecting "communities of color, people in poverty, LGBTQ+ youth and older adults." Challenges facing these communities include restricted access to resources due to the direct funneling of those resources to wealthy communities, and the spread of misinformation leading to mistrust in vaccines. By building trust, civic capacity and system transformation, we are helping trusted community leaders to set a path for long-term transformation.

  • Convened 13 national organizations together to involve 500+ communities in the project.
  • Raised $27 million to assist communities, creating jobs and connecting people to their well-being needs
  • Connected 372,344 people to their needs for health and life


ARISE (Activating Relationships in Illinois for Systemic Equity), a joint initiative between WE in the World, the Illinois Department of Public Health's (IDPH) Center for Minority Health Services, the Center for Rural Health and Heluna Health is distributing $3.7 million to communities of color and rural communities across Illinois to strategically advance health equity.

Using frameworks developed by WE in the World together with the CDC and ASTHO, these coalitions are addressing the underlying causes of health inequity in Illinois communities, especially in the context of COVID-19.  Community leaders from the ARISE initiative are meeting this week in Northern Illinois to chart a long term path toward structural equity with community residents, health departments and community leaders working together to create meaningful change.

  • Funded 18 community coalitions with $3.7 million across Illinois to advance health equity in partnership with health departments and community members experiencing inequities
  • Communities are connecting newly settled refugees to health, language and citizenship services; youth to mental health supports in the schools; and older adults to transportation

Well-Being In the Nation Network

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WE in the World serves as the trellis support organization for the Wellbeing In the Nation Network, which brings together a diverse and growing set of change agents to advance intergenerational well-being and equity.  By connecting hundreds of change agents to work on thorny challenges like advancing racial justice, an equitable economy and a movement for an equitable democracy,

  • 1,844 changemakers have joined the grassroots to grasstops network
  • 135 policies have been identified to advance an equitable well-being based economy
  • A framework and tools for how equitable well-being and equity can be measured has been adopted in hundreds of communities
  • In December 2022, 30 federal agencies adopted a key framework developed and advanced by partners in this network on the vital conditions needed for intergenerational well-being and equity

Changemaker Support

WE in the World amplifies and supports the work of hundreds of changemakers from communities experiencing inequities around the world to spread and scale.  They believe that no one needs to change the world alone.

By amplifying solutions from those who are closest to the problems, we create the conditions for intergenerational healing and justice in a way that is sustainable and restorative.  By creating the flow of capital needed for them to succeed, we support their work to scale and spread.

Example solutions include:
  • Supporting Angels of Impact to scale its efforts to advance capital to women and indigenous social entrepreneurs
  • Supporting Freedom Lodge to advance a training that is effective in healing intergenerational trauma in indigenous communities
  • Scaling a system of distance education to keep thousands of girls continuing to learn and advance in their dreams in Afghanistan

To learn more about WE in the World  programs and services to bring real change to communities of color, to donate or to volunteer, visit  https://www.weintheworld.org/ or email we@weintheworld.org or call 833-936-9753.


About WE in the World:

Well-Being and Equity (WE) in the World (https://www.weintheworld.org/) is a diverse team of well-being and equity architects who advance intergenerational well-being and equity on a foundation of racial and economic justice. WE also serves as the trellis/support infrastructure for the Well Being In the Nation Network.

WE in the World (https://www.weintheworld.org/) invests in relationships and systems change to create a world where everyone can participate, prosper and reach their full potential.  We believe equity, belonging, and civic muscle are a path to mutual abundance for everyone.

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Source: WE in the World Institute

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