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Matthew Aniska opens doors to Florida homebuyers in the Spring of 2021
LEYLAND, U.K. - -- Although travelling by car or foot has many advantages, sometimes discovering new locations is limited by these means of transport – this is where bikes come into play. If you're a keen adventurer, a bike can make the world of...
CARSON, Calif. - -- Spring is a romantic season. Do you want to plan a holiday and change your look? Julia Hair Mall Spring Sale with the big discount on all our human hair products of our online store is up to 46% Off. You could add your favorite...
Local Massage Business Empowers Individuals to Reclaim Health
LGBTQ+ WAE, scheduled to meet virtually on April 20 at 7 pm, offers a safe space for LGBTQ+ adults with developmental disabilities to interact with others who share similar experiences. Offered by the Wellness, Art and Enrichment (WAE) Center, the group c
The WAE Center's "The Art of Inclusion" Pride exhibit is accepting artist entries until May 2, 2021. The exhibition is open to LGBTQ+ artists with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as well as LGBTQ+ allie
NEW YORK - -- Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, a national day that gives kids a look into the working world, has been an integral part of many young people's lives since 1992. With the impact of COVID, Girls With Impact, the nation's only live...
CHICAGO - -- COVID-19 was and still is a major global issue. A year later, over 125 million people died from this disease, and we as a people still are working on how to deal and cope with COVID-19 and how it effects the body and skin. This global...
To Catch a Falling Star shares personal stories that carry messages of hope to those who have hit several rock bottoms but continue to press forward.
FRANKLIN, Va. - -- The Cleo-Symone Collection, LLC is pleased to announce our official launch with our signature crystal and gemstone candle collection. Created by Cleo-Symone Scott, each candle is hand-poured, highly fragrant, and features a crystal or..
'After the Acceptance Letter' by Dr. Gina Davis, PsyD offers tips for how college students can embrace emotional wellness and mental health for life
No one said divorce would be easy, especially when there are children and marital assets involved. Florida family mediator Matthew Brickman discusses why trusting the process is so important.
California Pools - Philadelphia marks the company's 32nd U.S. location
BELLEVUE, Wash. - -- The team at Acute & Chronic Pain Therapies (ACPT) is proud to announce the redesign and launch of their new website, In addition to rich content and imagery, the website offers a new text/chat feature...
TYNE AND WEAR, U.K. - -- We already know the benefits of home-grown food. Fruit and vegetables harvested from your own garden help to reduce carbon emissions, promote a balanced diet, and allow you to exercise your green fingers. But the pay-off of...
TYNE AND WEAR, U.K. - -- With the pandemic continuing to affect our everyday lives, Valentine's Day will be like no other in 2021. With the UK being placed in another lockdown, it's difficult to determine how we'll be able to spend Valentine's Day this...
TYNE AND WEAR, U.K. - -- Maggie the wunderdog All of these dogs have a bad backstory, but Maggie's is particularly horrific. She was found tied to a box in Lebanon where she had been shot 17 times. Maggie was lucky to survive, but her injuries left her...
Impact Investment specialist Barry Palte has taken a stake and joined the advisory board of rising American CBD brand ZoneIn, in the role of Chief Investment Advisor.
BOCA RATON, Fla. - -- Makeover Medicine is the newest makeover show to make you feel and look good all day. Hosted by Jackie Beard Robison Haggal Kapach, they have added their latest episode, "Sing Your Name" singer, rapper songwriter C-Slim. All...
Local Author, Sally Bartlett, Turns Menopausal Turmoil into Humor with Nonfiction Journal to Offer Encouragement and Hope to Women Everywhere