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Golfpay, an innovative golf course management software company, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with golf course operators aimed at shifting market power away from tee time aggregators and into a new business cooperative owned by golf course
NEW YORK - -- As the U.S. election draws near, major changes are happening in the social media world. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has recently lifted all restrictions on former President Donald Trump's accounts (https://www...
The Gartner Customers' Choice 2024 Cloud HCM Suite, ZingHR is powered by LokiBots Conversational Automation!
Free college access program offers intensive counseling, financial aid support, enabling 100% of seniors to go to college with minimal-to-no debt.
The Better Spot Launches Comprehensive Wellness Benefits Program for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
Canadian Startup Among 29 Global Teams to Share $750,000 Milestone Prize for Autonomous Wildfire Response Innovation
TEMPE, Ariz. - -- Recent testing: initial contact angles of 45 degrees to 75 degrees were measured. After plasma treatment in our AutoGlow 1000 the contact angle was measured < 2 degrees. Testing performed in the AutoGlow 1000 production plasma...
ZIRO on Track to Become #1 Microsoft Teams Calling Company in North America
Pioneering Sustainability in Electronics with Instant Carbon Footprint Estimates
SPOKANE, Wash. - -- CredHub, the most complete and supported rental credit reporting service, announced today a strategic partnership with 365 Connect, the leading provider of AI-enabled marketing, leasing, and resident engagement platforms for...
WASHINGTON - -- The University of the District of Columbia is proud to announce it will host the 2024 Vista North America Hackathon July 22-24—the first HBCU in the nation to host the annual event. The 24-hour hackathon, whose clock starts ticking...
Learn the fundamentals of Embedded Engineering and Microcontrollers using the Arduino platform.
Empowering Farmer Profitability and Soil Health with Precise Biological Product Placement and Management Recommendations
81% of Minority Tech Professionals Report Feeling Excluded or Facing Microaggressions
The 10 µm, 1280 x 1024 Neon® RD0131 DROIC is available now for commercial use
Newhaven Display International, Inc. is proud to unveil their newest line of full-color graphic OLED displays in 1.8" (160x128 resolution) and 1.91" (176x176 resolution) screen sizes.
ZIRO Platform for Microsoft (ZPM) Recognized for Exceptional Innovation
ZIRO Named Finalist for Rising Star and Best Microsoft Solution Awards
SteepleMate, a leading provider of innovative church management solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of SteepleMate Free. This groundbreaking offering provides churches with foundational people management tools at no cost, empowering congreg
Empowering Growth Through Expert IT Consulting and Secure Solutions
Science and laser technology continue to advance. Wattsan laser welding machines, which formerly had 3 functions, now have 4 or even 5. The new powers make life easier for the personnel. Now, laser welders can clean weld seams. And also weld energy storag