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£65 million a month for education, health, and communities in the UK without raising taxes

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Wouldn't it be great if someone came up with a project that could raise £65 million a month for community services in the UK without raising taxes... Well guess what!

Feb. 22, 2018 - s4story -- Brightideas365.com is a new online magazine, full of fun features, discount vouchers, competitions, etc. but best of all, all of our profits go to good causes (not shareholders), and our subscribers get to choose who benefits. It could be the kids school funds, a favourite charity, a local community project. Any organisation that benefits the community. Brightideas365 is not about news, we're a quirky read for when you want to escape from the news!

The project is entirely privately funded by a couple from the Midlands, Managing Editor Garry Webb said "Setting up Brightideas365 may have nearly bankrupted us, but we hope to create a sustainable business that will fund community services for years to come. We also want to be a model for future private businesses established to benefit the community rather than shareholders. The hardest part is not getting the thing in operation, it's getting people to believe we're 100% serious!"

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...so how do we raise £65-million a month? Easy, 50% of our monthly income is £3.04 per subscription. If every one of the UK's 21.7 million households were to subscribe that would be £3.04 x 21,700,000 = £65,968,000 a month.

...the question is why would everyone subscribe? But then if there are £1.000's of discounts for just £2 a week, subscribers should end up better off, so why wouldn't they?

Find out more at https://brightideas365.com

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Garry Webb

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