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AllSight dramatically improves the customer experience with Intelligent Customer Data

AllSight v5 utilizes genetic machine learning algorithm to create deep intelligence from more customer data

NEW YORK - Oct. 11, 2017 - s4story -- MDM & Data Governance Summit Today, AllSight announced enhancements to its Customer Intelligence Management system, which builds on AllSight's ability to synthesize data and derive intelligence. Many organizations suffer from incomplete customer data which leads to poor decisions and puts the customer experience at risk. Existing systems are limited in their ability to manage unstructured data - leaving an incomplete customer 360 view. Making decisions based on a fraction of data can lead to the wrong actions which negatively affects the customer experience and ultimately brand loyalty and retention.

With the release of AllSight v5, organizations can make every customer experience exceptional by anticipating customers' attitudes, intentions, and actions. AllSight is designed to synthesize fragmented - structured and unstructured - data that otherwise might be ignored. AllSight derives non-obvious insights which customer-centric organizations use to create a personalized, timely, and relevant experience during every interaction.

"The customer journey should be consistent and seamless across any channel or touchpoint. We saw an opportunity to leverage new technology, coupled with our legacy systems, to provide the insight required." - Deotis Harris, IT Director, Dell.

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AllSight CIM enables better customer experience through synthesis of all fragmented data with these new capabilities:
- Rapid Ingestion and Data Standardization - Graphical tool for preparing, connecting and configuring sources of data. Pre-configured data standardization brings in and cleans data to provide access to high quality data, quicker.
- Continuous Learning and Synthesis - Genetic algorithm automatically analyzes billions of combinations of different weightings to determine optimal match configuration. Unbiased configurations are more comprehensive, accurate and scalable compared to human activity.
- Visual Analytics Using Intelligent Data - Visualization dashboard of all aggregated customer data that can be configured using charts, maps and tables. The aggregated view of customer data helps to identify trends, patterns and segments.

"Through conversations with everyday customers, we consistently hear that organizations should use the data they have to make experiences better. Customers share their personal information and preferences and expect retailers, banks and insurers to know what to do with that information. But most companies think it's too hard to bring together all forms of data," said David Corrigan, CEO, AllSight. "With AllSight v5, organizations can leverage our Customer Intelligence Management system to stitch together all fragmented customer information into an actionable Customer 360."

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Organizations are typically hesitant to embark on large scale customer data projects because it is difficult to bring disparate data sources and huge volumes of data together and also difficult to determine optimal matching. AllSight v5 removes this obstacle by making it easier to ingest and integrate data and match it at scale. The genetic algorithm determines optimal configurations that would take humans trillions of combinations and a significant amount of time to determine. Matching algorithms can be configured in different ways based on each organization's data profile.

"Depending on sparsity of data and data quality, you can get surprising weighting results in determining optimal matching configurations. The genetic algorithm in AllSight v5 can do in minutes what it would take humans weeks or months to do," said David Borean, Chief Data Science Officer, AllSight.

About AllSight

Based in Toronto, Canada, AllSight (https://www.allsight.com) is a software provider that helps organizations get more value out of their data. AllSight is a pre-built Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) system that enables data management, analytics and actionable insights on all customer data. For a complete list of v5 enhancements visit AllSight v5 Product Update (https://www.allsight.com/allsight-v5-product-update).

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Source: AllSight Inc.

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