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Are You Well Holistically? Yes! I Am - New Book Charges The Spirit

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DANIA, Fla. - s4story -- Are you well - holistically? What is your prescription for embracing life in all its appearances? What do you believe about the power of you? South Florida-based Author Opal Murray's new book explores the spiritual essence of our journey.  Yes! I AM, combines musings, prayers, quotes, affirmations, and poetry to increase one's spiritual wellness and awareness. Murray desires to reach those who have lost themselves in their feelings of hopelessness or struggle with their self-worth and their place in world. Her book offers wisdom and reaffirms their worth, while reminding them that they deserve to love themselves. With a growing number of people feeling lost and bewildered in a pandemic global community, troubling economic systems, and rampant social strife, Murray's words bring a wealth of maturity, peace, wisdom, and insight for the soul in need of a soothing balm.

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As a spiritual wellness advocate, Murray would not have it any other way. She knows that there are so many levels to being "well." Some may be secure financially, and even in their health, but they still may feel disconnected. There are others who may practice self and spiritual care, yet they long to connect to a deeper understanding of multi-faith principles and lessons. Yes! I Am provides delightful, insightful morsels of what they're searching for. The imparting of spiritual truths also serves those who may have never had any feelings of being hopeless until they experienced a break-up, or loss of a loved one. Sometimes it is hard to find yourself again after experiencing something so traumatic. We should know that we are not alone in this quest for wellness, and it is not something strange or new. Murray's teachings remind us that there is a divine and authentic assuredness that loving one's self is not only required but part of who we are. Your inner self must love itself to reflect love and compassion to others genuinely and vulnerably.  Although life happens, every reader of this book must know that they still matter.

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Murray knows that, unfortunately, the feeling of being undervalued, dehumanized, and belittled will continue for as long as humanity does; therefore, the wisdom and revelation she imparts in this book is indeed timeless. Yes! I Am. is a wonderful accompaniment for those starting their journey of self-love and those stepping back onto that path. Whether one picks up the book right before bed, or desires to re-define themself after divorce or a break-up or is looking to define themself as an adult in the world, they all will find value, succor for self-love, and an affirming relationship with themselves after reading Yes! I AM.

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